Private Residential, The Boat and Pavilion
Linvisibile project: The Boat and Pavilion, Richmond

The Boat and Pavilion is a typical terraced house of the ‘900 in Richmond, a residential neighbourhood in west London. The customer, a family of sailors, asked “Unagru Architecture Study” to design the extension and refurbishment of the ground floor on a more direct relationship with the garden. The project was conceived with the idea of designing a boat, and referring to a nautical environment.

For the project, they used concave and convex spatial elements, combining them to alternate compression and expansion of space, it was also included a fragment of a boat in the historic building: a curved wall that runs through the plant in length, in which Linvisibile Alba Curved Hinged door was included. The extension of the building is covered with a pavilion roof, like an overturned boat that lets in light from the south. The white walls, the teak wooden floor and a rope railing still emphasize the nautical reference characteristic of this project.

ARCHITECT: Davide di Martino – Unagru Architects
LOCATION: Richmond, UK
YEAR: 2015
PHOTO: Stale Eriksen

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