Linvisibile’s design ethos revolves around a singular element: the 50 mm thick anodized aluminum profile. This unifying feature not only characterizes the door systems and room dividers but serves as the cornerstone of the brand’s entire furnishing proposition.
From doors to mirrors, from handles to tables and pot holders, Linvisibile empowers designers to orchestrate spaces with a seamless flow, where each element engages in a dynamic dialogue with the others. It’s not merely about individual pieces but about how they interact and contribute to the overall ambiance and aesthetic coherence of the space.


Available in a variety of sizes, ranging up to 1000 mm in width and 3000 mm in height, these mirrors are not just reflective surfaces but integral components of the design narrative. Encased within the same 50 mm thick anodized aluminum profile, customizable to match any color scheme, these mirrors come in captivating shades of grey, silver, and bronze effects. What sets them apart is their adaptability—beyond mere reflection, the mirror’s surface can be adorned with geometric patterns, tailored to suit the unique aesthetic preferences of each client.

Furthermore, the mirror’s design allows for the seamless integration of LED lighting, adding depth and warmth to any space.


  • Mirror
    W700 x H700 mm; W600 x H1200 mm; W600 x H2000 mm; W1000 x H3000 mm
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Mirrors are obtained from a glass manufacturing process which yields the traditional reflective characteristic. Mirrors are valuable elements that added to interiors give the optical illusion of larger and more radiant spaces.
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.


All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used during the manufacturing process.

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