Linvisibile presents its first Pocket Door made entirely of glass. Linea is the new proposal showcasing one of the finest materials of Italy’s manufacturing tradition. Glass is the main element of this sliding door, and not just a top layer to be applied to the panel.

The Linea Pocket Door comprises an aluminium casing and a glass leaf enclosed within a 50 mm thick anodized frame. It is suitable for any environment without cluttering, and enhances spaces by illuminating them with natural light. A sliding glass door is ideal for making interiors elegant and refined.

The anodized frame can be ordered in different colours or in matt lacquering to be combined with the glass sheet, which is available in a variety of finishes, including transparent glass, with or without mesh, RAL rear-lacquered or acid etched glass, and mirror.

The Linea Pocket Door is very simple to assemble. Its technology has been designed to facilitate panel assembly and maintenance. Panel installation and adjustment can be completed by means of two screws, without ever handling the leaf itself.

The product features a rigid and sturdy structure. The aluminium casing is almost as solid as the wall surrounding it. As a result, the structure is protected against the slightest bending, and the plaster and/or the finish are not subject to unsightly cracking.

This new sliding glass door features an innovative and highly performing sliding system. Thanks to the patented guide-body, any operation only requires adjusting two screws located at the upper corner between crossbar and closing side, which remain accessible even when the door is put to use.

The carriage installed inside the guide is equipped with bumpers that brake the opening and closing of the panel with soft, precise and surprisingly silent movements. Moreover, the guide also eliminates any vibration from sliding, which could damage the plaster. The directional system keeps the centre line of the door while sliding, and, as a result, the panel remains perfectly stable and does not wobble during opening/closing. In the open position, the panel is completely flush with the wall with the containment pocket.

The flush recessed-grip handle includes a plate on the panel surface and is anodized in the same colour as the frame. It can be ordered to close by hook lock (Bonaiti) and pulling tongue on the edge.

The glass Pocket Door is also equipped with square tubular spacers, used as stiffening elements to keep the entire structure squared during assembly and to ensure the perfect alignment of the casing with the closing side.

Dimensions and personalizations

Linea Pocket Door includes:

– an aluminium frame for 105, 125 and 150 mm thick walls, which serves as casing for containing the glass panel. Thanks to the special profiles of which it is composed, the casing structure is almost as firm as the walls themselves. The high solidity of the structure prevents even the slightest bending, thus avoiding unsightly cracking and any plaster and/or finish from peeling off.

– a glass leaf consisting of:
• 8 mm (or 4 + 4 mm) thick glass sheet complete with anodized plate matching the frame, to house the flush recessed handle and/or the lock;
• 50 mm thick anodized and/or matt lacquered aluminium perimeter frame. For widths less than 800 mm the bumper is present only for the closure, a damped stop is present when opened;
• highly performing removable sliding guide;
• lower directional system.

The Linea Pocket Door is available as single or double leaf version in the following sizes:
*Width: 600 to 1200 mm – Height: 1900 to 2800 mm for 105 mm thickness
*Width: 600 to 1200 mm – Height: 1900 to 3000 mm for 125/150 mm thickness

Shapes and Openings

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Personalize your product

Clear glass
A noble and precious material capable of giving refinement to any environment. This type of glass has maximum transparency, which allows natural light to pass from one environment to another and a clear view of what is behind the door. Clean and minimalist, clear glass makes spaces wider and brighter, and offering a valid alternative to classic masonry walls.
RAL retro-lacquered glass
Clear glass with mesh
Acid-etched glass
Perforated Slab
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.

Accessories & Locks

Flush recessed “inverted T” handle on plate

In the lockless version, the door is composed of an anodized aluminium plate, coupled directly on the panel surface, and an anodized inverted T recessed socket, in matching colour.The handle includ...

Kit Easy (Bonaiti)

The kit is composed of a G500T lock, flush-fitting handles and a pulling element.


The application of sophisticated technology ensures that the aluminium frame of the Linea Pocket Door system is fully concealed and that no unsightly wall cracking occurs. For all its products, Linvisibile offers an exclusive 10-year warranty for the aluminium frames and a 2-year warranty for the panels. All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used.

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