Linvisibile introduces a new piece to its range of products oriented towards the world of furnishing. It is Maestrale, a system of side-by-side fixed leaves that is available in floor-to-ceiling or customized heights, and made to look like a piece of furniture in its own right.

It has been designed to separate spaces without completely isolating them from each other; this modular divider comprises a set of aluminium strips accompanied by at least one leaf with a load-bearing finish, even different on both sides.

Maestrale serves as partition, separator, light filter or barrier with a see-through effect to screen certain environments. It is also possible to accessorize it with a suspended console, shelves or even a drawer with the same full length of the module, or only on a portion thereof.

Thanks to the size options and the presence of functional elements for the storage of everyday objects, this system is suitable for foyers, open spaces or any setting in which the space needs to be compartmentalized with useful furnishings and simultaneously achieve great visual impact.

The aluminum perimeter frame and the pass-through leaves can be made in RAL lacquered colors or in the available anodizing palette (both standard and customized options). The number of modules and the different finishes applicable to the load-bearing leaves can also be customized in terms of style and design requirements.

The composition of the Maestrale System can vary from a minimum of three symmetrical leaves to a higher number of panels, depending on the design requirements. Each module must contain at least one leaf with load-bearing finish, which can be made of glass, mirror, marble, ceramic, lacquered MDF, veneer, laminate, fabric, leather, or a different coating on both sides. For every two pass-through leaves with vertical aluminum strips, the module must have at least one leaf with load-bearing finish. The combinability of the number of leaves and finishes, load-bearing or pass-through finishes, is quite wide and gives the product unique versatility and design creativity.

Maestrale System comprises:

– Leaves of different types:
• pass-through leaves with 50 mm thick extruded aluminum perimeter frame and vertical anodized or lacquered aluminum strips;
• load-bearing leaves with 50 mm thick extruded aluminum perimeter frame in a single finish or finished with different materials on each panel side;

– A frame that can be made any of the following two configurations:
• with CROSSBAR which guarantees the perfect anchoring of aluminium to the ceiling (masonry and plasterboard), supplied in several parts to facilitate transport; it must be assembled by means of joints before ceiling installation. Water-based paints of reliable brands, enamels, and the like can be used;
• with TEMPLATE for positioning the supports directly on the finished ceiling.

Dimensions and personalizations

The Maestrale System is available in the following sizes:
*Width: 300, 400 and 500 mm – Height: from 1900 to 3000 mm (in the standard format)
* Height: from 3010 to 3500 mm (any customized option must be evaluated on the basis of the selected load-bearing finish)

Technical details

• Possibility of applying fretwork finishes with pass-through motifs (after evaluation by the Technical Office);
• Available in masonry or plasterboard version;
• Possibility of installing intermediate crossbars on the panel (without optional console);
• No grazing between leaves.

Shapes and Openings

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Personalize your product

It is a product characterized by eclecticism and versatility, with multiple applications in traditional and out-of-the-box architecture, furnishing and design. Linvisibile has chosen the ceramics of leading companies in the production of ceramic slabs, whose creations can combine large sizes and lightness with great sturdiness. Sophisticated processing technologies guarantee the inalterability of the characteristics and chromatic properties of the slabs, which remain unchanged over time, even if exposed to the elements.
Clear glass
RAL retro-lacquered glass
Clear glass with mesh
Acid-etched glass
Perforated slab
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.

Accessories & Locks

Suspended console

The Maestrale System was born as a solution for dividing spaces, as well as to furnish. For this reason, it can be accessorized with a suspended console, lacquered or veneered on request. Its lengt...


Linvisibile offers high technological performance and high quality. This product has an exclusive 10-year warranty on aluminum frames, 2 years on panels and 12 months on accessories. All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used during the manufacturing process.

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