Titano System is the exclusive flanked multi-leaves vertical pivoting system (360°) totally flush with the wall, for the division of large rooms, ensuring the passage between them but without resorting to the use of walls.

The leaves are installed in line and can be realized from floor to ceiling, rotating on a central pivot that allows a 360° movement, with the possibility of stopping every 90°.

The modularity of the system leaves great design freedom, both for the number of doors and for the finishes applicable to them. The minimum composition of this system is 3 leaves. From this base the customer can choose the number of additional leaves, depending on the space they wish to divide.

The Titano System can be realized in the different declinations of the Vertical Pivot product:
– Filo 10 Vertical Pivot
– Vertical Pivot
– Infinito Vertical Pivot

The applicable finishes are: base coat, veneered and natural wood, laminate, lacquer, natural stone, metal, leather, fabric, and coatings such as marble, granite in the Heavy Coatings version. The chosen finish has an impact on the dimensions of the leaves.

• UPPER BEAM in extruded aluminium, EN AW 6060 alloy (Anticorodal 063), which guarantees perfect anchoring of the aluminium to the ceiling (masonry and plasterboard). Prepared for the panel’s 360° rotation opening movements. Supplied in parts to facilitate transportation, to be assembled via joints, before ceiling installation. Paintable with good quality water-based paints, enamels, etc.

• Hollow-core panels (honeycomb) of 50 mm or 102 mm thick depending on the type, made with perimetric hardwood and polished MDF sides, without rebate to allow the complete rotation of the leaf. Upper beam designed for housing the upper pin stop, included in the supplied kit. Class E1, low formaldehyde emission.

• TEMPLATE for positioning the pin’s lower striker on the floor

Dimensions and personalizations

Depending on the type of door (Filo 10, Filo 5 or Infinito), the Titano System can be realized in the following dimensions:

Filo 10 panel version: Width 900 mm to 1200 mm. Height 1900 mm to 3500 mm. Max. 150 kg
Filo 5 panel version: Width 900 mm to 2000 mm. Height 1900 mm to 3500 mm. Max. 150 kg
Infinito panel version: Width 900 mm to 1400 mm. Height 1900 mm to 3500 mm. Max. 150 kg

Technical features

• Concealed rotation pins (System 3) centrally positioned, which allow 360° rotation and leaf locking in 90° steps. The customer must become familiar with the speed and range of the door’s movement for correct and safe use and/or positioning.
• Gaps: Upper 4 mm, lower: 13 mm, between the leaves: 10 mm, compared to the wall: 10 mm.
• Mechanical/electric locks not included.
• The application of handles is not foreseen.
• It is not possible to apply the decentralized pin.

Shapes and Openings

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Personalize your product

Wood Essence
Quality surfaces, exclusive of refinement. Traditional and modern blend in higher quality woods, durable and prestigious. No material is able to transmit the heat as the wood essence. Only the wood essence gives environments unique atmospheres, grain and different levels of density.
Wood Veneer
Heavy Coatings
Special glass
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.

Accessories & Locks

Pivot door hinge System

The product is equipped with the high-performance hinge System 3, in which the pivot is entirely integrated into the top and bottom of the door, almost entirely invisible.

Flush fitting handle Inverted T

Linvisibile has developed a new solution of flush-fitting handle. It is directly milled on the panel and is to be directly used as pulling handles without adding other accessories. This is an elega...


Thanks to a refined technology, Linvisibile system guarantees perfect continuity between door and wall, a fully concealed aluminium structure, and elimination of unsightly cracks. Linvisibile ensures perfect planarity between wall and panel and an exclusive perimeter millimetric gap. For all its products, Linvisibile offers an exclusive 10-year warranty for the aluminium frames and a 2-year warranty for the panels. All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used during the manufacturing process.

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