Linvisibile’s Zefiro system comprises vertical side-by-side pivot leaves, which are light and easy to handle, and suitable to segregate settings that do not require absolute intimacy. The leaves rotate on a central pivot that allows a 360° rotation, are installed in-line and can be made in floor-to-ceiling or a predefined height. The leaves are also fitted with magnets that allow them to perfectly align with each other in the rest position.

The modularity of the system allows great design freedom, both in terms of the number of leaves and the finishes applicable to them. The number of leaves is selected on the basis of the size of the space to compartmentalize; likewise, it is possible to choose whether to apply different finishes on each panel or to create a pattern of asymmetrical leaves.

In addition to the classic configuration with fixed pivoting leaves, the Zefiro System is also available in the FLY version, which makes it possible to rotate the leaves as well as to slide each single leaf or the entire system. In sliding mode, the leaves can be close to one another and “pack” completely on the desired side, thus allowing unencumbered transit through the spaces. This new version of the room separation system completes its transformation process born of the idea of reinterpreting old-fashion room dividers in a contemporary key. The Zefiro System thus becomes a real separator that divides spaces and brings them together again whenever desired.

The Zefiro System consists of:

– A reduced frame that also offers the possibility of creating systems comprising a high number of leaves, and can be assembled in the following configurations:
• the version of the traditional Zefiro System is provided with CROSSBAR or with TEMPLATE. In the first case, the system guarantees perfect anchoring of the aluminum to the ceiling (masonry and plasterboard), is supplied in several parts to make transport easy, assembled by means of joints before installation on the ceiling and can be painted with good quality water-based paints, enamels, etc.; in the case of the TEMPLATE, the pins are positioned directly on the finished ceiling;
• the version of the Zefiro FLY system with sliding track includes an extruded aluminum GUIDE SUPPORT, which prevents even the slightest bending, the risk of unsightly cracking and the peeling off of the plaster and/or the finish of the faux ceiling, as well as a TEMPLATE for positioning the tracks to be built in.

– Leaves available in different versions with:
• 50 mm thick hammered wood panel with a hardwood frame on 4 sides and smooth MDF faces. Panel is without door stop to allow unencumbered leaf rotation and pre-fitted for the installation of upper and lower pivots. Available in base layer coat, veneered, natural wood and lacquered finishes, as well as moulded panel. Class E1, low formaldehyde emission level;
• panel with 50 mm thick extruded aluminum perimeter frame that can be anodized or painted in a variety of colors, and which supports different finishes, such as rear-lacquered glass, special glass, mirrors, leather, metal, ceramic, fabric and many others, all of which can also be combined with each other. On request, it is possible to supply only the frame disassembled and primed to accommodate finishes (made on the basis of the specifications provided by the Technical Office) other than those selected by Linvisibile.

– Rotation pivots;

– Sliding track (optional) to be installed on unfinished floor and ceiling, exclusively in the case of the FLY version of the Zefiro system.

Dimensions and personalizations

Both versions of the Zefiro System, whether fixed pivoting or movable with track, are available in the multi-leaf composition with the following dimensions:
*Width: 300, 400 and 500 mm – Height: from 1900 mm to 3500 mm

Peculiar technical details

• Possibility of fretwork finishes with pass-through motifs (subject to evaluation by the Technical Office);
• Available in masonry or plasterboard version;
• Grazing: 10 mm upper, 9 mm lower, 10 mm between leaves, 5 mm with respect to the wall (if any);
• Maximum composition: not foreseen (subject to inspection of the worksite conditions);
• Possible to combine leaves of different widths in the same system (version without track).

Shapes and Openings

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Personalize your product

Lacquering - Wood-Based Panel
The lacquer is one of the most elegant forms of panel finishes. Precious surfaces, shining in every possible color to give the inhabited a tone of exclusive elegance. Lacquers by Linvisibile refer exclusively to RAL classic K5 sample book. Lacquered colours are compliant to matt/glossy effect requirements: matt lacquered finish: 10 gloss; glossy lacquered finish: “100” gloss.
Wood Veneer - Wood-Based Panel
Wood Essence - Wood-Based Panel
Onyx - Wood-Based Panel
Laminate - Wood-Based Panel
Glass - Framed
Special Glass - Framed
Mirror - Framed
Fabric - Framed
Leather - Framed
Ceramic - Framed
Metal - Framed
Perforated Slab - Framed
Anodisation - Framed
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.

Accessories & Locks

Sliding track

This accessory allows a complete or partial sliding of the leaves that come close to each other, with an overflow of 75 mm. The track has a footprint of about 40 mm and must be embedded in the floo...


The opening and closing are given by a mechanism of pins that guarantees linear motion, neat and stylish. Together with the pivot, the relevant template to drill the hole in the floor is always sup...


Linvisibile offers high technological performance and high quality. This product has an exclusive 10-year guarantee on aluminum frames2 years on panels and 12 months on accessories. All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used during the manufacturing process.

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