Omnia represents "everything" or "all things" in Latin. It is used to denote a comprehensive or inclusive perspective, encompassing all aspects or elements within a particular context. The concept of omnia can be applied in various fields, including philosophy, science, and business. Overall, the concept of omnia emphasizes the importance of taking a broad and inclusive perspective in order to fully understand and engage with the world around us.

Sliding Doors


Marea represents the fluid movement of a sliding door, provided with silent opening and closing movements, and perfectly flush to the wall. Our sliding systems family is composed of different products that can also disappear into the wall when closed and they are available both into a pocket or as external systems. They are timeless systems that dominate the design market offering stylish and contemporary solutions for any interior décor style.

Pivot Doors


Brezza represents the spirit of flush to the wall pivoting doors. These closing systems can be opened with just a puff of breath. Exclusive patented products that swivel on a vertical axis thanks to sophisticated hidden pivot hinges. With these door models, it is possible to realize wall partition systems with innovative and highly technological materials.

Hinged Doors


The rising of the sun is translated into a simple gesture: the opening of a hinged door. An opening vertical horizon that represents the exclusive system for doors completely flush to the wall, with concealed hinges and without jambs and door posts. They can attract appearance while integrate with utmost simplicity, creating absolute continuity with the wall.

Furnishing Elements


Linvisibile enhances its portfolio with the Orizzonte product family, to offer designers an even more complete range of furnishing solutions that can complement flush to the wall doors. This family includes adaptable elements that can be matched with the doors or used as autonomous systems, always retaining the features of "invisibility" that is distinctive of all our products.

Technical Closures

This family includes a series of specific products with closing functions for blind spaces, compartments of easy inspectioning, wardrobes and on view niche systems. The products available in the technical closures collection are capable of responding to all the needs for containing and closing spaces in a special way.