LINVISIBILE® represents the combination of aesthetics, technique, and ability to listen. We take care of the entire manufacturing process, from the design to the installation of our systems. We support architects and designers offering a series of professional services that can help them find a functional yet elegant solution for any interior design project. Our assistance ranges from the product design and the creation of personalized shop drawings to safe and fully guaranteed international shipping and highly qualified installation service.



Personalized doors made to measure

Creating something unique requires a 4 hands effort: a creative idea needs a design support service and proper technical skills able to make it real. Our company’s technical division collaborates with architects and design professionals to think and design the best solution possible with customized shop drawings, simulations, prototypes, and mock-ups.

Our large openings and full-height doors offer infinite application possibilities of exclusive materials. We don’t create ready-made items, we manufacture products in the sizes that best suit your needs, using colors, materials, and finishes you like with a special touch for your interior design project.

Quality and carefulness are essential elements for carrying out our operations. Thanks to significant investments in human resources and technology, our R&D department is continuously studying new solutions, materials, and innovative ideas listening to the market trends and, sometimes, forecasting them.


Luxury products 100% made in Italy

Doors, cladding, skirting systems, separators, and room dividers that result from an industrial approach combined with typical Italian craftsman’s ability to shape unique and timeless beauty. Our products come out from the authentic work of manufacturers that are able to provide components that stand for quality and warranty.

The apparent simplicity of a flush to the wall door becomes a masterpiece of Italian expertise made of meticulous care of every single detail. Every piece of our products is 100% made in Italy and enhanced by the wise hands of a time-tested supply network composed of small and medium-sized local excellence in the design manufacture, all based nearby our production site.

We create luxury doors that result from a semi-robotic technology that, besides increasing our production capacity, further develops the system perfection and tightness.


Our products are available worldwide

We deliver straight to your building site. Since we believe that our products are very special, we want to protect them and be sure that everything will go in the best way possible. Especially if the destination is on the other side of the world.

We follow the manufactured products up to their destinations. At LINVISIBILE®, we are convinced that caring and protecting our exclusive bespoke products is mandatory. Our logistics team is strongly committed to deliver our pieces safely and as fast as possible directly to the building site. Thanks to our experience, we can ensure delivery to any part of the world.


Doors installed to perfection

LINVISIBILE® works with the best designers and architects as well as with selected installing or retail partners to provide excellence and beauty to the clients. We take care of the correct installation of our products providing highly qualified, start-to-finish installation services, together with the pleasure of enjoying an incomparable door.

Our widespread and well–organized network of specialized teams of installers, directly trained by our internal installation department, is available worldwide. Their experience and professionalism allow us to deliver products that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and highly durable.


Timeless design products never get old

In order to ensure high-performing products that always work, LINVISIBILE® designed a maintenance program for Hotels, Residences, and contract projects. Our installation teams plan period inspections to check the products wear and guarantee constant and proper functioning for many years.