The Modular Systems are the first and exclusive sliding systems without a containment pocket. The product consists of a basic system, fixed leaf plus mobile leaf, which can be integrated with additional leaves.

Thanks to its characteristic of modularity, it is an extremely versatile product ideal for environments where you do not want to make structural interventions. The peculiarity of the product is precisely that of not requiring masonry interventions but is able to fit into existing pre-rooms as it does not require the installation of wall pockets to contain the panels, which always remain visible.

The Linea version consists of a 50 mm thick anodized aluminium perimeter frame, which contains a glass plate 8 mm thick (4+4 if stratified) in five variants: clear glass, clear glass with mesh, acid-etched glass, RAL back-lacquered glass and mirror.

The Linea Modular Sliding System is composed of:

  • Rail support is available in the ceiling recessed version completely concealed, or a visible guide (named veletta) is available on request, matching the other metal components
  • Guide and lower base directional to keep the center line in the axis during sliding, giving high stability to the panel and preventing it from swinging sideways, also available on request in the same colour as the other metal components
  • Equipped as standard with a recessed handle on an anodized plate.

Dimensions and personalizations

Linea Modular Sliding System is available in the following dimensions

– all widths from 800 mm up to 1400 mm
– all heights from 2400 mm up to 3000 mm

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Personalize your product

Clear glass
A noble and precious material capable of giving refinement to any environment. This type of glass has maximum transparency, which allows natural light to pass from one environment to another and a clear view of what is behind the door. Clean and minimalist, clear glass makes spaces wider and brighter, and offering a valid alternative to classic masonry walls.
Back-lacquered glass
Clear glass with mesh
Acid-etched glass
Designer anodized perforated slab
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.

Accessories & Locks

Inverted T - flush fitting handle on anodized plate

In the lockless version, the door is composed of an anodized aluminium plate, coupled directly on the panel surface, and an anodized inverted T recessed socket, in matching colour.The handle includ...


Thanks to a refined technology, Linvisibile offers an exclusive 10-year warranty for the aluminium frames and a 2-year warranty for the panels. All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used during the manufacturing process.

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