Nicchio is the patented system of flush-to-the-wall room-dividing panels, able to satisfy differing needs to contain and close off areas.

Nicchio is the ideal way of creating storage areas and wardrobe space, closing off trap doors, shutter boxes, recesses and dead zones, and concealing control panels, switchgear and IT installations and any other troublesome element. Nicchio is perfect also in the field of Home automation to best cover and conceal the advanced technological systems applied to the domestic field.

Nicchio consists of:

– a wall-mounted extruded aluminium frame (EN AW 6060 alloy – Anticorodal 063) that replaces the door post (intrados-jamb) so that the panel may be perfectly aligned with the plaster thus eliminating door frames or jambs. The frame is a very sturdy tubular structure that adapts to any wall depth; supplied with perimeter stay clamps that facilitate fitting it to the wall, and with adjustable concealed hinges;

– a 19 mm thick MDF panel, ennobled, edges 10/10.

Dimensions and personalizations

The single leaf model is available in the following sizes:
*width: from 300 mm to 700 mm (clear width)
*height: from 300 mm to 2500 mm (clear width)

Also available in a multiple leaves model, placed side by side or superimposed (through a bolted system) and in trapezoid shape (also with multiple leaves). Nicchio can be painted with enamels or water-based paints and can be covered with almost any material, including ceramic or mirrors.

Shapes and Openings

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Personalize your product

Base Layer
The finishes as the wall allows the most complete integration of the door in the wall. The doors becomes a single surface with the wall, creating a special effects of absolute continuity. The door disappears but it maintains a strong personality. The objective of hiding and masking passages in the wall is the fundamental concept of Linvisibile philosophy. Painting, plastering, decorating, any kind of finishing as the wall is allowed on Linvisibile’s products.
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.

Accessories & Locks


Linvisible chrome-plated hinges (‘Salice’ type kitchen panels), adjustable at three axes, no spring. Allowed opening degrees: 90° (also for those in facings, with 10 mm as maximum thickness, glue i...

Safety cable

Standard on Nicchio for trap. The safety cable is standard on Nicchio in case of accidental openings the safety cable limits the stroke of the door leaf (one or more hooks are included, according t...

Supporting hooks

Standard on Nicchio with bottom-up opening (one or more hooks are included, according to the size).

Supporting cables

Standard on Nicchio with top-down opening (one or more hooks are included, according to the size).

Mini latch (push-pull)

Standard lock on Nicchio. Small, functional and practical, this lock allows closing/opening by simply pressing the leaf (push-to-open), leaving it completely free of visible accessories.

Cylinder lock

Available lock on Nicchio as an alternative to the mini latch, for those who need to lock the panel.

Triangular box lock

Available lock on Nicchio as an alternative to the mini latch.

Magnetic closing system

Available lock on Nicchio as an alternative to the mini latch.


Thanks to a refined technology, Linvisibile system guarantees perfect continuity between door and wall, a fully concealed aluminium structure, and elimination of unsightly cracks. Linvisibile ensures perfect planarity between wall and panel and an exclusive perimeter millimetric gap. For all its products, Linvisibile offers an exclusive 10-year warranty for the aluminium frames and a 2-year warranty for the panels. All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used during the manufacturing process.

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