LINVISIBILE® is an Italian brand founded in 1994 out from the experience of Portarredo Srl, a company that manufactures tailor-made doors and unique interior design solutions, such as room dividers, boiserie, and skirting systems. Our exclusive patented invisible technology eliminates posts, frames, exposed hinges and offers maximum versatility and customization. The result is a flush with wall design door which blends perfectly with the surrounding environment creating a distinctive perception of a hidden door.




More than meets the eye

Behind our work, there’s a hidden Italian story of exclusive design experience. The precise technical know-how is masked by the apparent simplicity of the flush with the wall door that, combined with a maximum level of customization, allows us to fulfill the most demanding aesthetical desires and functional expectations.

The excellent construction capacity of the company results from a long experience of research and accurate controls. The perfect planarity is one of our distinctive elements that, along with the customization, allow the door to adapt to any interior décor style in seamless continuity with the wall.

Our story

The history of a local craftmanship tradition

Born in the Emilia Romagna region, along the border of the provinces of Ferrara, Bologna, and Ravenna, LINVISIBILE® is the natural heir of a know-how that has evolved over more than 2.000 years of history. We drew sustenance from the roots of this territory, so rich in creativity, and found inspiration in hiding and masking locks and openings in the walls. Our products are the technological evolution of an old concept: “secret doors”. Hidden doors that exist in perfect continuity with their setting and that were used throughout history by the ruling Estense family of Ferrara to conceal secret passages from view.

Our project is the result of a lucky ‘hunch’ back in 1994 when, after listening to building site demands raised by different architects, the company transformed an artisanal carpentry system into an industrial process guaranteed over time. With this premise, we continuously work in the spirit of constant evolution looking at the future.


Care of human and environmental resources

At LINVISIBILE®, we investigate the future without forgetting about the past. This is why we are fully committed to the protection of our resources, either human or environmental, without ever compromising the quality of our products and processes. We are constantly innovating in every step of our value chain to maintain the highest manufacturing standards and promote sustainable practices.

Under this premise, we rely on a supply network composed of small and medium-sized local excellence, all based within 100 km from our production site. LINVISIBILE® also undertook the path to verify its doors and interior design solutions conformity, and with some number of credits determined by qualified technicians, can help buildings achieve the LEED® standards



Linvisibile welcomes its guests in the main building of Argenta where the renovation of the ground floor has been completed. Here the most emotional solutions present themselves as the first threshold to Linvisibile’s world.

Open upon reservation only.

Via Besana, 1 – Argenta (FE)
T.  +39 0532 800 960 | commerciale@linvisibile.it

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Located next to the Miami Design District, the showroom provides visitors with a truly immersive experience in the brand’s universe.

Open upon reservation only.

4100 N. Miami Ave. – 33127 Miami, Florida
T.  + 1 786 403 0050 | dpenas@linvisibile.it

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Located just a few minutes from the historic city center, the showroom hosts the most complete range of Linvisibile products.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10:00am-07:00pm
Sat by appointment

Via Fratelli Calandra, 23
T. +39 339 835 7157 – pg.ghia@stylporte.it
T. +39 349 672 3477 – andrea@landiweb.net

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In the city of Lugano, Linvisibile hosts one of its most complete exhibition space with unseen products, finishes and shapes.

Opening hours:
Mon 01:30pm-06:30pm
Tue-Fri 08:30am-12:30pm
Sat 08:30am-12:30pm

Via Senago 42a
CH-6915 Pambio Noranco
T. +41 091 923 26 12 – info@new-line.ch

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Each element in the new exhibition space in Apulia is interconnected and reminiscent of another, resulting in a cohesive and structured furnishing idea.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 09:00am-01:00pm
Sat 09:00am-01:00pm

Via delle Fornaci 33/35
70032 – Bitonto (BA)

T: +39 080 3749002 – espo2@lg2.it

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The showroom is designed to inspire and excite architects, designers, and end-users alike. It is a space where innovation meets tradition, showcasing the potential of modern design to enhance the beauty and functionality of living spaces.

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 09:00am-01:00pm
Sun: closed

Via San Gerardo, 1
Monza (MB)

T +39 039 2288199 – info@tempini1921.it

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Linvisibile has evolved over the years on the base of our most valuable resource: the people. Our team is composed of dedicated and talented professionals and technicians. A varied and international group of creative, hard working and motivated people that work together to deliver pieces to be proud of.

Stefano Miotti

Italian Customer Service

barbara benini

Barbara Benini

Foreign Customer Service

umberto biavati

Umberto Biavati

Middle East & Apac Area Manager

Italy sales manager

Roberto Pignanelli

Italy Sales Executive

alessandro dalla libera

Alessandro Dalla Libera

North America Regional Manager

David Peñas

Business Developer Americas

Andrea Tonioli

Export Sales Executive

dario grossi

Dario Grossi

Africa Specification Manager

vincent dibben

Vincent Dibben

United Kingdom Manager

silvia felletti

Silvia Felletti

Marketing Manager

Angelica Tieghi

Social Media Manager

fabiana boni

Fabiana Boni

Administrative & Financial Manager

gaia giovannini

Gaia Giovannini

Administrative & Financial Manager Assistant

alberto menegatti

Alberto Menegatti

Service Manager

giampaolo curzola

Giampaolo Curzola

R&D and Technical Dept. Manager

Nicolò Alessandri

Technical Designer

luca carnaroli

Luca Carnaroli

Operations Manager

giuliana ghelfi

Giuliana Ghelfi

Logistic Office Department

Chiara Simoni

Purchasing Department

luca storari

Luca Storari

Production Department Manager

Antonio Menegatti

Managing Director