Linvisibile expands its range of vertical pivot doors with a new proposal that pays homage to one of the oldest and most valuable materials in the world. The new Linea Vertical Pivot door is a glass door that integrates an innovative system of hidden pivots.

This interior glass door is made up of an anodized aluminium perimeter frame which encloses an 8 mm thick glass sheet. Available with or without stop, the leaf hides a mechanism that allows it to rotate up to 360°. It is the ideal pivoting door to partition a room into several spaces, without ever depriving them of natural light.

The Linea Vertical Pivot Door system adapts effortlessly to any interior décor style. It is suitable in the design of both public and residential environments to solve space problems or simply for its strong aesthetic impact.

The glass sheet is available in five options (transparent glass, transparent glass with mesh, acid-etched or rear-lacquered glass or mirrors) to be combined with seven different colours of anodized or matt lacquered frame.

Linea Vertical Pivot Door consists of:

– an extruded aluminium frame (EN AW 6060- Anticorodal 063 alloy) which replaces the box (intrados-jamb), available in pull versions or with push/pull option, including upper steel pivot Mod. “MAB AC-8” and adhesive foam gasket (for pull version);

– a leaf consisting of:
• 8 mm thick tempered glass sheet (4+4 mm in the case of laminated glass), including upper pivot stop, magnetic lock of the B-Twin series, pin Mod. “MAB AC-299” (for floor). Panel with hole for handle; keyhole or latch hole on request;
• 50 mm thick perimeter frame in anodized or matt lacquered aluminium, containing the glass sheet.

In both versions of the Linea Vertical Pivot Door, with or without a stop, the hidden pivot can be positioned at 100 mm from the jamb up to the centre of the panel.

The standard installation hardware also includes the aluminium TEMPLATE to be used for drilling a floor hole to install pin “MAB AC-299”.

Dimensions and personalizations

Linea Vertical Pivot Door complements any space of both residential and commercial settings. It is available in both single and double-leaf versions.

The new Linea Vertical Pivot Door is available in the following sizes:
*Width: 600 to 1200 mm – Height: 1900 to 3000 mm

Technical details

• Possibility of applying floor door closers (MAB pump with speed adjustment);
• Floor positioning template supplied as standard.

Shapes and Openings

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Personalize your product

Clear glass
A noble and precious material capable of giving refinement to any environment. This type of glass has maximum transparency, which allows natural light to pass from one environment to another and a clear view of what is behind the door. Clean and minimalist, clear glass makes spaces wider and brighter, and offering a valid alternative to classic masonry walls.
Backlacquered glass
Clear glass with mesh
Acid-etched glass
Perforated Slab
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.

Accessories & Locks

Linvisibile handle

With its slender and clean line, the new Linvisibile handle is inspired by the minimalist and essential design that distinguishes the Italian brand. Developed by the internal Research & Develop...

Flush recessed “inverted T” handle on plate

In the lockless version, the door is composed of an anodized aluminium plate, coupled directly on the panel surface, and an anodized inverted T recessed socket, in matching colour.The handle includ...

Pivot Kit

The system opening and closing is given by a mechanism of pins that guarantees linear motion, neat and stylish. The set of pivots consists of: lower brass arm (mab AC2) delivered already mounted on...

MAB Pump

Upon request we can supply the floor-mounted MAB pump, a floor door closing mechanism with adjustable closing force and mechanical stop. The MAB 7700 pump manufacturer supplies the reference docume...

B-Twin Magnetic Lock

B-Twin Magnetic lock is a highly functional magnetic lock with a high aesthetic value that combines fluidity and noiseless operation. Strong and precise, this lock operates by means of magnets when...

Revolution lock E-50

The Revolution lock is the new lock available, with the possibility of 50 or 70-mm entry handle hole. The 70-mm entry allows the handle to be positioned more toward the center of the panel to provi...

Touch magnetic closure

Non-contact magnetic adjustable restraint system, without visible screws and with front panel customizable in a wide range of colours. The Touch magnetic lock replaces the mechanical locks and is p...


Thanks to refined technology, the Linvisibile system guarantees a perfect flush mount between panel and wall and a millimetric perimeter variance. Moreover, the Linea Vertical Pivot Door system guarantees a fully concealed aluminium frame and that no unsightly cracking occurs. For all its products, Linvisibile offers an exclusive 10-year warranty for the aluminium frames and a 2-year warranty for the panels. All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used.

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