The External Sliding Door is designed with panels that move seamlessly alongside the wall. They are suspended on a rail that can be concealed within the ceiling or mounted on the wall and then covered with an anodized profile (mantovana).

For a more innovative approach, consider the Infinito version of the External Sliding System. The Infinito External Sliding Door eliminates the need for a containment pocket and allows for the application of multiple decorative finishes on the panel surfaces. This is made possible by a system of perimeter frame in anodized aluminium that houses the desired coating.

The Infinito External Sliding Door offers a diverse range of finishes with a maximum thickness of 3mm.

The Infinito External Sliding Door consists of:

  • Guide support frame in wood and extruded aluminium alloy (EN AW 6060);
  • High performing sliding guide with high flow rates;
  • Lower directional system to keep the centre line of the door in axis while sliding. It gives high stability to the panel preventing it from swinging sideways during handling.

Technical details

  • Rail support available in recessed version in the suspended ceiling, completely concealed, or visible guide (named mantovana);
  • Equipped as standard with a recessed handle;
  • Top rail anodizable as the other metal components;
  • Possibility to apply different finishes on the facades;
  • Possibility to customize the colour of the perimeter frame, anodized in different colours of the Linvisibile palette or matt lacquered to match the chosen surface;
  • Possibility to insert joining elements between the finishing slabs.


(clear width, single leaf)

• all widths from 800 mm to 1400 mm
• all heights from 1900 mm to 3500 mm

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Personalize your product

A new generation of smart materials for the typical vertical and horizontal applications found in interior design. The laminates we have chosen for our products have unique features. Thanks to the innovative processing they undergo, they are moulded with fingerprint-proof surfaces, soft to the touch, matt and extremely resistant, so as to withstand bumps and scratches, as well as any possible damage from solvents and reagents typically used in household cleaning products. For the laminated finish, we relied on the collections by three cutting-edge brands, such as Fenix®, Homapal® and Formica®, which offer maximum quality and a wide range of colours.
Special glass
Back-lacquered glass
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.

Accessories & Locks

Flush recessed handle

Linvisibile has developed a new solution of flush-fitting handle. It is directly milled on the panel and is to be directly used as pulling handles without adding other accessories. This is an elega...

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