Consoles represent an evolution of traditional tables, offering a sleek and versatile addition to any space. Comprising a top and a structure closed on three sides, serving as a base, they boast a robust composition crafted with a 50 mm thick anodized aluminum profile. This sturdy base can accommodate a variety of materials, including glass (available in transparent, back lacquered, mesh, or etched finishes), ceramic, wood, or even be entirely constructed of perforated metal with custom compositions.

What sets consoles apart is their adaptability and customization options. The definition of each console depends on the combination of the top material and base structure, available in different finishes as indicated in the provided table. Values for these finishes can be combined to create a console that perfectly matches the desired aesthetic and functional requirements of the space. Whether seeking a minimalist, modern look with a sleek glass top or a more rustic charm with a wooden finish, consoles offer endless possibilities for tailoring to individual preferences.

Furthermore, consoles serve as multifunctional pieces of furniture. Beyond their primary use as decorative surfaces or storage solutions, consoles can also function as stylish room dividers or statement pieces in entryways or living areas. Their compact design makes them ideal for smaller spaces where maximizing functionality and aesthetics is essential.

Additionally, consoles can be seamlessly integrated into various interior design styles, from contemporary and industrial to Scandinavian and minimalist. Their clean lines and versatile material options allow them to complement a wide range of decor themes, enhancing the visual appeal and cohesion of any room.

In essence, consoles represent a sophisticated evolution of traditional tables, offering both style and functionality in equal measure.


– W1000 x D400 x H900 mm;
– W1400 x D400 x H900 mm;
– W2000 x D400 x H900 mm;

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Ceramic - base structure
It is a product characterized by eclecticism and versatility, with multiple applications in traditional and out-of-the-box architecture, furnishing and design. Linvisibile has chosen the ceramics of leading companies in the production of ceramic slabs, whose creations can combine large sizes and lightness with great sturdiness. Sophisticated processing technologies guarantee the inalterability of the characteristics and chromatic properties of the slabs, which remain unchanged over time, even if exposed to the elements.
Wood veneer - base structure
Clear glass - base structure
Clear glass with inserts - base structure
Back lacquered glass - base Structure
Acid-etched glass - base structure
Mirror - base structure
Designer anodized perforated structure
Wood veneer - top
Back-lacquered glass - top
Ceramic - top
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.


All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used during the manufacturing process.

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