Shelves represent a dynamic addition to modern interiors, seamlessly blending practicality with contemporary design aesthetics. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they are constructed using a robust 50 mm thick anodized aluminum profile, ensuring both structural integrity and a customizable canvas for design expression, with a wide array of colors available from Linvisibile’s collection.

Central to these shelves is their versatile top, which comes in ceramic, back lacquered glass, or wood finishes. Each material option brings its own unique character and texture to the shelf, offering endless design possibilities to complement any interior style.

With a depth of 26 mm and a height of 50 mm, these furnishing elements strike the perfect balance between sleek elegance and practicality. Their compact dimensions make them ideal for displaying a curated selection of books, decorative items, or personal belongings, while their sturdy construction ensures they can support various items with ease.

One notable feature of these shelves is their exceptional customizability, particularly regarding size. With the flexibility to be tailored to individual needs, these shelves can be adjusted in length up to an impressive 3000mm. This level of customization not only enhances their practicality but also expands design possibilities, allowing for precise fitting into any space.

For lengths exceeding 3 meters, adjacent shelves must be joined, with a maximum permissible load of 10 Kg/mt linear. The fixing of the shelf is suitable for masonry walls and plasterboard through dowels supplied. Walls other than those indicated must be suitably reinforced, by the customer, at the fixing points with suitable screws.

Whether installed individually or arranged creatively, shelves with frames offer a stylish solution for maximizing vertical space and enhancing visual interest in any room. From minimalist living spaces to eclectic home offices, these shelves seamlessly integrate into diverse environments, elevating both form and function.

In essence, shelves signify a new era in contemporary furnishings, where versatility, customization, and modern design converge to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. With their sleek profiles and customizable options, these shelves epitomize modern living, providing a platform for personal expression and organizational efficiency.


  • from 600mm to 3000mm: no joints needed
  • from 3001mmm: adjacent shelves must be joined
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Personalize your product

Wood veneer
A traditional material adapted to the most modern processes. The characteristics of veneered wood are manifold: resistance to scratches, heat and light; hassle-free maintenance and cleaning; rich range of wood types, colours and grains, and high standards of eco-sustainability. For this finish, we relied on a leading Italian company in the world of Engineered wood, which offers maximum quality, a commitment to preserving the environment and attention to design. For those who want to make a conscious and responsible choice in total respect for the planet.
Back lacquered glass
These views do not represent materials in their rest colours, textures, and veining. They have to be considered as a simulation with merely representative purposes.


All Linvisibile brand products are made entirely in Italy, with particular attention to design and all materials used during the manufacturing process.

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