Boiserie ve Süpürgelik Sistemleri: Mükemmel bir süreklilik

As time passes our Miami Showroom is on the verge of being completed!

Our four environments are ready to be uncovered by our guests. Finishes, materials, motifs, colours, this is what awaits you in Miami.

The new showroom is the perfect opportunity to exhibit the Boiserie and Skirting Systems from the Orizzonte family.

Boiserie is applied to create a seamless “skin system”

The first examples of boiserie appeared in France between the 17th and 18th centuries, and they were used as precious decorations in the most luxurious mansions. In Versailles there are many examples of walls, doors and partitions covered with painted boiserie or decorated with wooden frames.

It is not by chance that, even today, we associate the elegance of boiserie with representative rooms, historical mansions or classic style apartments.


Boiserie System - Jakarta

Boiserie System – Jakarta

Indeed, boiserie is one of the most eclectic and surprising wall coverings of all.

Our exclusive system makes it possible to cover walls of any size, flush with the door, to achieve a seamless effect. The door becomes one with the wall in order to elegantly and carefully furnish the environs in which we live.

The Boiserie System can also create a unique style and act as a common thread in the home’s design. Boiseries, in fact, can do so even more efficiently than a palette color guide. The reason lies in the tridimensionality and the strong scenic impact they have.


Boiserie System - Moscow

Boiserie System – Moscow

Whether it is classic or modern, a boiserie never goes unnoticed.

From a designer’s perspective, the frames are very functional, especially when there is a problem with space and proportions. Depending on how they are mounted and assembled, frames help creating optical effects that make the room feel larger or deeper.

Different shapes and colours, if overlapping, can create visually strong corners, giving personality even to the most anonymous space.


Boiserie & Titano Systems - Moscow

Boiserie & Titano Systems – Moscow

Linvisibile’s Boiserie System is available in two versions: 3 mm or 26 mm thickness. The first is the traditional Linvisibile model that can be provided in a wide range of finishes such as lacquers, glass, natural or veneered wood, ceramic, leather and laminates.

Thanks to research work undertaken by Linvisibile, the Boiserie System has recently been developed also in a 26 mm thick version. It is a wall coating with a pressure hook system that allows to easily change the look of walls, creating environments that can be always renewed over time without any large-scale masonry work.

Our Boiserie Systems are designed to be enriched with moulded motifs, completely customizable to meet every stylistic need.

Detail Moscow

Detail Moscow

Skirting System: beauty and functionality in a flush-with-wall version

Practicality, elegance and simplicity. The flush-to-wall Skirting System is an essential element as it protects the lower part of the wall against knocks, abrasions and hides any irregularities or imperfections between the wall and floor.


Skirting System - Jakarta

Skirting System – Jakarta

Apart from the technical aspect, its role is also to harmonize the encounter between the floor and wall, sitting above them both as a decorative element capable of either altering the nature of rooms or else strengthening their style.


Skirting System - Jakarta

Skirting System – Jakarta

Once a merely protective technical component, the Skirting System has increasingly evolved to become a genuinely aesthetic element, connoting elegance in much the same way as structural fixtures and furniture.

Linvisibile products come with unique benefits: boiserie and skirting systems are only two of the many.

Stay tuned for more updates on our new Miami showroom.

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13 December 2022

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