Private Residential, Stradella

Stradella is the name of a luxurious renovation project completed by the SAOTA studio on a 1970s house, located on a beautiful promontory in Bel Air.

The Studio’s project aimed at maximising the existing square footage, creating generous openings capable of capturing the West Coast light and the entire panorama, from the mountains in the west to the ocean in the east.

The concept of “inviting the outside inside” embodies SAOTA’s approach and the very essence of Californian living, with light, fresh and open interior spaces that connect the various functions of the home, creating natural extensions of the internal living area.

The colour palette balances warm, natural tones with the bold volumes and linear shapes that characterise the architecture.

Linvisibile contributed to the project by supplying all the interior doors, which are perfectly integrated into the environments in which they blend with elegance and mastery.

ARCHITECT: Saota Architects
LOCATION: Los Angeles, USA
YEAR: 2018
PHOTO: Adam Letch

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