Private residential, Villa Orizzonte

Located in the Italian Pianura Padana, at the urban edge of a small country town facing a river, Villa Orizzonte blends in with the surrounding landscape seeking maximum integration with the environment, also thanks to its southward orientation and privileged view toward the river.
The Villa is conceived as an extensive line in an open landscape, its presence is mostly perceived horizontally rather than volumetrically.

The building is ideally divided into two functional boxes that become an extensive terrace open to the horizon along the entire length.
The roof is the unifying element of all the built volumes, it is designed with a balance of voids and solids which define the indoor and outdoor spaces, blending with the vegetation, letting the light filter in and marking through its voids the rhythm of the interior space.

The whole building is conceived as a perforated box in which openings become small private courtyards, entering the house becomes a changing and pleasant promenade where volumes are visually connected and materials blend with vegetation.
LINVISIBILE doors perfectly blend into the design: Hinged, Pivot and Sliding doors are seamlessly design to enhance the minimalistic and refined style of the Villa. Stunning creations to accompany the beauty that surrounds the entire property.

The project of Villa Orizzonte is narrated at all scales in a homogeneous architectural language, here each and every element is shaped through the same philosophy.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mariela Apollonio
LOCATION: Ferrara, Italy
YEAR: 2021


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