Private Residential, Spydeberg Villa

In the green Norwegian land has been built a luxurious villa that blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape, in full respect of nature. A villa designed not only to be beautiful but also functional and free from any architectural barrier, suitable to host a person with a disability.

A house inspired by colors, with lacquers in strong shades, for a truly impressive camouflage effect of Linvisibile doors. The living area is characterized by the presence of a large Filo 5 Vertical Pivot door. A real life painting where a light wooden frame houses a central clear glass that allows the view to wander inside.

Elegant rotating and sliding movements accompany fluid and silent openings and closures. Wood and glass are the predominant materials, respecting the typical Nordic taste; the first represents the natural element of this area, while the second frees up the view of breathtaking landscape beauties.

ARCHITECT: Kringsjaa
LOCATION: Mørkveien, Norway
YEAR: 2020

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