Private residential, Lake Michigan Villa

Lake Michigan Villa – a fabulous home surrounded by breathtaking views on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Land, pristine vegetation, and water fade into each other toward a liquid horizon that sight struggles to embrace and becomes a canvas where colors change with every moment of the day. The property has decided to make this rugged and spectacular land, which captures the legacy of Native Americans, its own buen-retiro, preserving the original habitat with extreme care and attention.

As with the exterior, the interior is a riot of elements that blend, juxtapose and refer to each other, creating a magical atmosphere of great refinement.
Wood, glass, concrete, onyx, and leather have been skillfully combined on the vertical and horizontal surfaces to provide an astonishing display of style, taste, and aesthetic sense.
An ode to beauty, elegance and matter.

All the interior doors at Lake Michigan Villa are Linvisibile, which here demonstrates all-craftsmanship and a very high level of customization in response to the needs of the property in terms of size, thickness, and finish.
Hinged, sliding and pivot doors, full-height or 100 mm thick, host refined materials with which the owners give the residence a very intimate feel, capable of revealing the personality, history, and ‘identity of the family.

The shining surfaces of glass and onyx recall the brilliance that enters overbearingly from the large and numerous windows and, ideally, the reflections that break up on the waters of the lake while, in the opacity of the skin, the color and materiality of wood revive.

A powerful design that is not afraid to combine with nature.

ARCHITECTS: Bob Manders Architecture
YEAR: 2022


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