Private residential, Lake Como Villa
Como, Italy

Lake Como Villa is the result of the renovation of a family villa of 700 square meters located in a prestigious hilly residential area, facing the Lake and the city of Como, by the architects Hajime Miyajima and Loana Goldschmidt from HJM studio.

The architectural project has redefined the pre-existing environments enhancing the intrinsic characteristics of the house, creating new harmonies where everything has been taken care of in every detail to express a union of style between contemporary and bourgeois tradition, where furniture design becomes an integral part of architecture.

The door was conceived as an opening and element of passage from one room to another. When closing it disappears and is camouflaged in the wall and its covering, while when opening, it reveals, surprisingly, a new environment, becoming a leading element and protagonist in the narrative path that leads from one environment to another.

Instead, where the passage openings between the rooms are not separated by doors, they are underlined by the presence of large portals that mark and frame the view of one environment to the other.

ARCHITECTS: Studio HJM – Hajime Miyajima and Loana Goldschmidt
LOCATION: Como, Italy
YEAR: 2023


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