Private residential, Gurf A

Linvisibile presents “Gurf A”, a project by the interior designer Camilla Bellini.
A private residence that fully embraces the sophisticated Middle Eastern aesthetic. LINVISIBILE creates a treasure chest of pivoting and sliding panels, arched hinged doors and an extrasize giant looming over the entrance.

The mood is pure 1001 Nights. Gurf A is a home that fully embraces the sophisticated Middle Eastern aesthetic, with muted colours and textured surfaces.
A home that bridges the gap between West and East, tradition and modernity thanks to a refined design concept, luxury furnishings and unique art pieces.

Talented interior designer Camilla Bellini defines this home “ as more than a blending of cultures, Gurf A is the coexistence of moods with a different geographical inspiration, but a shared aesthetic identity. The different textures of glass, perforated metal, ceramic, chunky fabrics and coated surfaces weave together to create a harmonious whole. The colours throughout are neutral sand-earth tones incorporating beige, ochre and bronze, with a hint of sage green blended into the mix”.

Access to the villa and the pool in the inner courtyard is through a door that stands in a class of its own: Colosso, the new design for 2023 from Linvisibile. Standing 8m tall, Colosso blends seamlessly into the building’s architecture, accenting the point of transition from indoor to outdoor with smooth, precise and effortless movements.

The imposing entrance door is marked by the presence of important pot holders made of perforated metal anodized to match the other elements of the house, and painted aluminium panels, which reflect the finish of the Colosso door.

The living space beyond Colosso houses a beautiful Titano System partition wall, formed of fully-glazed pivot leaves. Fluid movement and a transparent finish are the hallmarks of this product. The glass is see-through but with a hint of sage green and Arabic ideogram motif.

The living space also features a Zefiro Fly System. Here the mirrored finish combines with perforated metal reproducing an Arabic-inspired ideogram (matching the motif on the Titano glass panel), in a gold color to match the perimeter frame. With tracks embedded in floor and ceiling, Zefiro Fly allows for easy sliding and side packing of the panels to allow quick and unrestricted access to the space behind.

This client also chose the Linea Modular Sliding System to separate the main rooms of the villa. It’s the same in the hammam, where the sumptuous modular sliding system separates two complementary rooms designed to offer greater privacy and relaxation for the residents. The design is completed by the bronze-effect mirrored finish that matches the warm shades throughout the home, and transparent printed glass. The glass panels are set in a gold-coloured anodized frame.

Access to the upper floors is through the stunning Arched hinged doors, one of the preferred design solutions in the Middle East. The textured paint chosen for the door makes it almost camouflaged as it blends seamlessly into the walls.

A recurring theme in the living area is the Linvisibile table, available in a range of shapes and sizes. All have a ceramic top and perforated metal base with a gold anodized design that ties perfectly into the rest of the space.

INTERIOR DESIGN: Camilla Bellini
YEAR: 2023


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