Private Residential, Casa de la llum

Named “Casa de la llum,” this architectural gem is nestled on the picturesque island of Mallorca. The project’s primary challenge lay in its location: a sharply inclined plot besieged by the incessant hum of a nearby highway. The solution proposed to these challenges was to craft the residence into a barrier against sound, while earmarking the secluded back area for a welcoming garden and pool, positioned at the principal level to offer enchanting views.

Meticulous planning and a keen eye for detail are palpable throughout, with every element tailored to complement the site’s unique characteristics. This harmony is partly achieved through the selection of LINVISIBILE doors, whose clever, minimalist design seamlessly integrates with the overall scheme. These doors do more than blend in; they accentuate the elegance of each space and meld discreetly with the architecture.

With these hidden doors, transition between spaces becomes fluid, preserving the cohesion of the design and allowing the essence of the place to be expressed without obstacle.

ARCHITECTS: Estudio Cano
PHOTO: Robert Rieger – Occhio / Lluís Bort
LOCATION: Mallorca, Spain
YEAR: 2020


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