Luxury Hotel, Palazzo Volpi
Linvisibile project: Palazzo Volpi, Venice

Palazzo Volpi is an ancient Venetian palace, dating back to the 13th-century, transformed into a luxury accommodation. It is consisted of 4 sumptuous apartments – in the heart of the Serenissima. The romantic atmosphere of the lagoon city is also found in its refined interiors, a sophisticated compilation of classics and modern.

Our sliding doors, all coated in glass, elegantly reflect the spaces, amplifying the perception of the interiors. Along with the sliding doors, Linvisibile’s Filo 10 Hinged doors coated in precious natural wood also furnish the entrance. Functionality and beauty, uniqueness and security, all this in Linvisibile systems.

ARCHITECT: Anna & Fred Design Studio
LOCATION: Venice, Italy
YEAR: 2016
PHOTO: Stefano Pedrelli

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