Contract, Orsoni Furnace
Linvisibile project: Orsoni Furnace, Venice

Orsoni is the historical Venetian furnace that uses the same traits since 1888 to produce 24K gold leaf mosaics and enamels in more than 3.500 colors. Linvisibile participated in the restoration of the last furnace of the Serenissima, Orsoni’s headquarter, providing doors that were coated with 13 different shades of Orsoni’s hand-cut gold mosaics.

From this project, a special collaboration was born, demonstrating that Linvisibile’s products technology and Orsoni’s ancient artisanal techniques, when combined, allow spectacular results unique in their genre.

ARCHITECT: Studio Duebarradue
LOCATION: Venice, Italy
YEAR: 2017
PHOTO: Stefano Pedrelli

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