Luxury Hotel, Antica Dimora Le Misure
Antica Dimora Le Misure

In the heart of the Romagna Riviera, Hotel Antica Dimora Le Misure tells a centuries-old and very exclusive story. A true pearl of refinement and style, the result of in-depth studies, material research and professional ability.

The interior echoes the legacy of eighteenth-century decorations, stone and concrete stairs, high ceilings, wooden beams of the original structure dating back to 1698.

Not only that, the name of the structure itself has very ancient origins, in fact recalls the centuries-old limestone, called precisely Measures (now embedded in the wall of the municipal office in the central Piazzetta delle Erbe) dating back to 1636, which contains units of measurement for the building works, established to create uniformity in trade and from which the individual rooms are named.

5 rooms, each with its own visual identity, but united by a clear fil rouge: on the one hand to ensure the maximum comfort of the hotel, on the other to recreate the warmth of the domestic dimension. The peculiarity of each of them is the refined and creative use of wallpaper, produced by the famous brand Wall&Decò, which interfaces with the doors creating truly surprising camouflage effects.

A project that lasted 3 years, followed in person by Christian Benini – founder of Wall&Decò and owner of the hotel together with his wife Federica – who has privileged the respect of the pre-existing characteristics, being guided by the original materials, as well as for the choice of furnishing elements, also belonging to the history of the family.

“A family project that has seen me engaged directly in recent years- explains the owner and designer Christian Benini – to create a space that fully represented my philosophy of living and a synthesis of my artistic path in Wall&decò, first as founder, then as creative director. A story told through the walls-real protagonists-that with their imperfections tell the passing of centuries and dialogue with wallpapers Wall&decò creating a varied and immersive visual path. The aim of the entire project was precisely this: to create a space in which the guest “renounces his role” and feels at home”.

A hotel that is storytelling and history, which is a link with the territory and a threshold to a world of rediscovery, design and inspiration where you feel totally enveloped in a welcoming embrace.

INTERIOR DESIGNER: Christian Benini – Founder Wall&Decò, Owner Antica Dimora Le Misure
STYLING: Andrea Merendi
PHOTO: Alessandra Ianniello
LOCATION: Cervia – Ravenna, Italy
YEAR: 2021


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