Contract, Maticmind

If digital technologies have recently made it possible to reinterpret one’s home as a workplace, Architect Michelangelo Vallicelli proposed instead a new working space in which to return to live, as an alternative to the isolation of working from home. For the new headquarters of Maticmind S.p.A. – a rapidly growing company in the ICT sector – Architect Vallicelli designed layout solutions and material moods that would recreate a real domestic landscape for the company.

The warm tones of the metals used for the Linvisibile doors, made entirely of copper-effect anodised aluminum, helped to achieve this result, as well as give a character to the entrances of the company’s most representative executive offices.

In addition to the panels, anodized aluminum was also used for the wall boiserie installed in continuity, on the thresholds of doors and on the upholstery, with the purpose of amplifying the depth of the opening, thus creating entrances of great effect and value.

Material and finish play a very important role because the visual perception of colour depends on them, and on how light is reflected.

It is a unique creation of its kind, which gives a new interpretation to workspaces. The room also features other Linvisibile wall-finish doors.

ARCHITECT: Michelangelo Vallicelli
LOCATION: Milan, Italy
YEAR: 2022
PHOTO: Lorenzo Poli

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