Private Residential, Casa R.
Linvisibile project: Casa R., Rome

A mix of rational architecture, art nouveau and modern style; this 100 sqm apartment situated on the sixth floor of a luminous Roman apartment, dates back to 1970.

The goal of Casa R. designed by Alessandro Tomei in collaboration with THSC Studio is to achieve a comfortable house with livable space embellished with proportionate volumes. As the owner’s taste itself, the exposed naked elements and contrasts used in the design of the apartment reflect naturalness and simplicity. The spacious and minimal concept was created by using the visible axis to allocate the intended use destinations of the spaces which were defined by transparent or invisible separations.

The result is a refined apartment without including excessive ornaments. An up-to-date style without being subjected to the most fashionable stylistic ideologies.

ARCHITECT: Alessandro Tomei, THSC Studio
LOCATION: Rome, Italy
YEAR: 2015
PHOTO: Alice Camandona

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