Private Residential, Casa Giacomin Marcolin
Linvisibile project: Casa Giacomin Marcolin, Treviso

Renovation of a private apartment in Treviso. The “Casa Giacomin Marcolin” project was made in 2014 by Studio Gobbo Architetti with the purpose of representing a perfect mix of modern style and tradition. A total white look was chosen for furniture and rooms plus textured materials of a high visual impact. For this exclusive project, architect Gobbo chose the Hinged doors and the Vertical Pivot doors by Linvisibile. They are so elegantly finished matching the wall that a perfect harmony with the interiors is achieved; doors become ‘invisible’ being one with the wall.

ARCHITECT: Gobbo Architetti
LOCATION: Treviso, Italy
YEAR: 2014
PHOTO: Paolo Utimpergher
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