Zefiro System: from Chinese screens to modular partition systems
Zefiro System: story of a modular partition system by Linvisibile

Versatility, aesthetics and functionality are the values at the base of the Zefiro modular partition system, designed by Linvisibile to divide and furnish rooms without actually separating them. This system originated in the Far East consists of a flanked vertical pivot panels able to rotate at 360° and it represents an innovation in the furniture sector.

The inspiration that guided the design of this system is to be found in the traditional wooden and hand-painted Chinese screens, also known as Coromandel. Many painters have tried their hand at decorating the painted and inlaid booths made of mother-of-pearl, ivory and other materials, thus creating real masterpieces.

coco chanel chinese screens

Photo credits: Boris Lipnitzki / Roger-Viollet

In Europe, they became popular during the late Middle Ages, especially in France, where the admiration for these precious objects was such that a considerable number of specimens were imported. Later, in the 1900s, their popularity increased even more thanks to the famous designer Coco Chanel. It is said that she collected about 32 different models, 8 of which were housed directly in her flat on rue Cambon in Paris. Her passionate interest in Chinese screens is also celebrated in Claude Delay’s book “Chanel Solitaire”, in which an explicit statement is quoted on the subject:

I have loved Chinese screens since I was eighteen. I almost fainted with joy when, walking into a Chinese shop, I saw a Coromandel for the first time. The screens were the first thing I bought

From the beginning, the Chinese room dividers have taken on the function of separating the rooms both for aesthetic and functional purposes, as they are capable of conferring a good degree of privacy. In the history of design and architecture, they have often been used as false walls to create reserved spaces within large rooms. Furthermore, thanks to the decorations applied on the panels, these partition systems have been – and are still – used as a simple furnishing accessory that gives elegance and refinement through a pleasant “see-through” effect.

modular partition system see through

The Zefiro modular partition system embodies the original oriental taste translated into a contemporary style. Thanks to the countless customization options, this system allows full design freedom and the possibility to create your own version both as regards the number of panels and the finishing options.

Further details on the Zefiro System by Linvisibile are available in the dedicated section of the website. Find out more.

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20 December 2021
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