New exhibition space opening in Lugano

One of 2023’s most exciting event is the opening of the new exhibition space in Lugano.

Designed directly by our Research and Development department, the realization of this space has been possible thanks to the newest partnership with New Line, a leader company in the Switzerland furnishings sector since 1988.

New line group is a strong and solid luxury brand in the design industry where only high end quality products are represented and we believe them to be the right long-term relationship to perfectly exhibit our creations.

A multi-brand showroom where Linvisibile is introduced alongside other astonishing brands.


A new exhibition space to showcase our products, an amazing opportunity to reach designers and architects in the country.

The space is design to offer the best journey possible through our world, introducing our newest systems filled with stunning finishes.
A place where the creative flow is not bound to reality, where one can create, design and dare.
Glass, ceramic and wood are only a few of the finishes that can be discovered here.

The chosen design style is characterized by a clean color palette, straight lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light.
An ode to modern style to enhance the features of our products.

We played with our anodization colors to represent earth tones that seamlessly fit into the design style.
Our technical designers decided to insert the perforated metal in various products, here one can find different design choices such as our Butterfly design.

Discover here the opening hours of the Showroom in collaboration with New Line.

Posted on
27 June 2023
Last edit
25 September 2023 - ora: 09:45

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