New exhibition concept of LINVISIBILE showrooms

It is indisputable that doors in the last 20 years have conquered a new identity, becoming one of the cornerstones of furniture culture. 

The word “door” is a term now reductive given the complexity of a product that has become versatile, creative and design over time. Design research and customization have entered into the production of doors, imposing an aesthetic and stylistic relevance to make the door itself a new trend.

For todays evolved architect, the door is no longer just a technical step to be closed as it happens, but a precise and rigorous aesthetic choice that makes it a real piece of furniture, up to assume, in some contexts, a leading role in size, materials, finishes and accessories.


Miami showroom

Alongside the aesthetic research went the development of technological content and attention to detail, to an almost maniacal level.

From a random choice, the door becomes a desired and freely inspired choice, either to be combined with the furniture or, on the contrary, to become an element of prominence. This strong need for customization is manifested in the exploration of every possible colour and material variation.

In the case of the flush-wall door, from the concept of total invisibility, which distinguished our products in the stage of affirmation of the brand (for years the flush-wall door was the all-white door that had to disappear into the wall) the focus has gradually shifted to a predominant concept of visibility, that is, a door that furnishes, that emerges in the environment in all its beauty, that has character and personality.

Originally, the doors were represented in their totally white meaning to enhance the perfect invisibility and flushness in the wall. It was played with big bold letters and the chosen pay off was “Where is the door?”, just to emphasize their perfect camouflage.

The progressive approach to finishing, the new concept of door as protagonist in the environment,  required the rethinking of the exhibition modes to made them both functional and aesthetic.

Old exhibition concept

In light of this evolution, the way in which Linvisibile has chosen to represent the products in its flagship stores and showroom partners has also changed its essence.

Today more and more the visit a showroom takes the contours of an immersive experience, a path that accompanies the visitor to the discovery of a stylistic thought, made of design, beauty, and sometimes provocation.

The times when the showrooms were just anonymous succession of doors is over.
Today these spaces want to tell a story, inspire solutions, offer insights to guide architects in the definition of their projects. The environments become complex and enveloping, they speak a language of craftsmanship and technology, a language of refinement.

Headquarters Linvisibile – Turin showroom

We want to express a concept of service, which does not stop at the door but includes partitions, accessories, wall coverings up to the furniture elements such as mirrors and tables.

In its most evolved form this exhibition concept has gone so far as to identify precise living styles and symbolically coincide with some cities, as happened in the Miami monobrand showroom, which represents 4 precise and contemporary stylistic moods, those of: Milan, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Moscow.

Posted on
28 February 2023

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