Miami Showroom: where innovation meets elegance.

The Miami showroom is now fully completed, featuring a wide array of Linvisibile’s luxurious products, including exquisitely designed tables, elegant mirrors, and sophisticated consoles.

At the core of Linvisibile’s philosophy is a dedication to personalization, ensuring that each piece is a perfect fit for the unique style and needs of the clientele. The showroom is a testament to this commitment, offering a curated selection of creations that exemplify the brand’s innovative design and superior craftsmanship. Visitors to the showroom will have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of Linvisibile products, all meticulously crafted to embody the brand’s principles functionality and aesthetic appeal. The space has been designed to provide a comprehensive experience of Linvisibile’s offerings, showcasing the versatility and elegance that the brand is renowned for.

The showroom features a variety of settings that highlight the seamless integration of Linvisibile products into different interior styles, from modern minimalism to classic elegance. Each setting is designed to inspire and provide ideas for incorporating Linvisibile’s unique furnishings into any space. Each of the cities that gives its name to the four styles showcased in the showroom is a vessel, a symbol of history, art, culture and beauty at a global level: Los Angeles, Moscow, Milan and Jakarta.

Los Angeles

This area is characterized by an essential style where the undisputed protagonists are muted colors with cool tones. Elegance is found in the simplicity of strong, clean lines that leave no space for superfluous elements.


Splendor is the right word to express the style of this space. A balancing act of colors, where the forms of individual elements are combined with Baroque flavor, rich in details, inspirations and sensations. In this area, you can find dark-toned colors, along with predominant gold elements on both the vertical surfaces and the furnishings.


Milan encapsulates elements that evoke an industrial, modern style. There is a strong use of cool tones and highly textured materials. The color palette is broken up by the bold furnishings and innovative forms, with contrasting colors that stand out and enhance the space.


A space inspired by Eastern style and Zen culture. The distinctive features of Jakarta are encapsulated in harmonious visual impact, almost spiritual, created through neutral colors, exclusively natural materials and furnishings with simple forms, positioned according to precise rules.

The opening of the Miami showroom marks a significant milestone for Linvisibile, expanding the brand’s presence in the Americas and providing a new platform to showcase its products to a broader audience. The showroom is more than just a display space; it is a hub for inspiration, offering visitors a chance to see, touch, and experience the quality and beauty of Linvisibile’s furnishings firsthand. From hidden doors to integrated wall systems, every product in the showroom demonstrates Linvisibile’s innovative approach to design.

Linvisibile invites architects, interior designers, and design enthusiasts to visit the new showroom and explore the endless possibilities that Linvisibile’s products offer.

Visit the showroom at 4100 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127, to experience the elegance and innovation of Linvisibile’s furnishings. Our team of experts is on hand to provide personalized assistance and help you find the perfect pieces to complement your interior design vision.

Posted on
4 June 2024

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