Linvisibile’s labeling certifies the uniqueness of each product

One of Linvisibile’s primary commitments in recent years has been the labeling of its products. Identifying frames and panels with a permanent system is the guarantee for the customer of installing a unique product in terms of technology and aesthetic performance. The labeling certifies the uniqueness of each product.


All aluminium frames are marked with an acronym that allows easy and immediate identification of the product, even once it has been installed on the wall and painted.


The panels, on the other hand, both the finished ones (hollow core or with aluminium perimeter frame) and those supplied with a univesal base layer (to be completed on site by the customer) have a fixed metal label which gives the customer the security of having an original Linvisibile product, as well as the certainty of being able to rely on the guarantee and service conditions of a company of the highest level.


Just look up at the upright of the frame and at the edge of the panels to immediately recognize a Linvisibile product; reliable, guaranteed, unique.


Posted on
30 March 2023

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