Linvisibile’s 40th Anniversary: A Night of Milestones, Memories, and Majesty at Castello Estense

The celebration event for Linvisibile’s 40th anniversary was a success in terms of attendance.

In a truly special and emotionally charged atmosphere, an unforgettable evening took place on Friday, February 16th, at the Estense Castle in Ferrara, gathering those who, over time and in various capacities, have revolved around the world of Linvisibile, contributing to making the company what it is today, the luxury brand that the entire interior door market looks up to.

More than 150 people came together to celebrate a milestone date, the first 40 years of the company, which, starting as a window and door retail business in 1984, has managed to establish itself and become a global industry.

The evening aimed to celebrate all the people, employees and former employees, partners, clients, suppliers, and collaborators, who with their professionalism, talent, and commitment have brought this reality to life.

Thanks to the projection of a timeline, the milestones and events that have marked the forty-year journey were revisited. An exhibition made possible also thanks to the direct contribution of the guests who shared their memories, anecdotes, curiosities, and episodes first-hand, making the narration fun and very emotional.

The evening went on late into the night in a festive atmosphere, also made of good food – based on typical Ferrara specialties – and good music that helped to entertain the guests in a convivial and fun atmosphere. The suggestive atmosphere created by the medieval halls did the rest.

The choice of Estense Castle was deliberate, to emphasize the territoriality and roots of Linvisibile, even though it is strongly projected onto foreign markets today.

We wish to extend our sincerest thanks to all who joined us in celebrating this remarkable occasion. Your presence, warmth, and goodwill added a special dimension to the festivities and made the evening truly memorable. It was an honor to have you with us, sharing in the reflections of our past, the achievements of our present, and the aspirations for our future.

To our dedicated team, whose tireless efforts behind the scenes ensured the event’s success, your commitment and passion are the backbone of Linvisibile. Each detail, no matter how minute, was a testament to your meticulous planning and hard work. From the initial concept to the final moment of the celebration, you orchestrated an event that was nothing short of magical, our 40th anniversary was not just an event, but a memorable experience for every attendee.

To our esteemed guests, partners, and collaborators, your continuous support and faith in Linvisibile have been instrumental in our journey. The conversations, exchanges of ideas, and shared laughter from the event will resonate with us as we forge ahead, inspired to continue innovating and excelling in our craft. Among the guests were the renowned architect Matteo Ragni and the influencer Camilla Bellini, prominent figures in the world of design, and one of the founding partners, Silvano Vaccari.

As we move forward, buoyed by the success of our 40th-anniversary celebration, let us carry with us the sense of community, collaboration, and innovation that has been the hallmark of Linvisibile. This event was not just a look back at our achievements but a stepping stone towards a future filled with promise and potential.

Thank you once again for being part of our celebration and for contributing to the ongoing success story of Linvisibile. Here’s to many more years of shared achievements, breakthroughs, and, most importantly, making the invisible, visible

To everyone goes Linvisibile’s sincere and spontaneous thanks, which, with this evening, has taken the first step towards the next 40 years.

Posted on
27 February 2024

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