New partnership – wallpaper by Affreschi & Affreschi

With the upcoming restyling of the Miami show room, Linvisibile inaugurates the new partnership with Affreschi&Affreschi, an interesting Italian reality that produces textured handmade wallpaper.

The firm has its headquarters in the wonderful panorama of Salento, a magical land from which this product draws charm and inspiration. Simplistic to define them as “wallpaper” since the materials and the technologies in use are completely different from those of the common wallpaper.
These are real handmade plaster sheets – achieving a thickness of just 1 mm – that faithfully reproduce the plaster.

What surprises those who touch the Affreschi&Affrechi’s product for the first time is its texture. Never before has been seen a wall that rolls up and does not crumble.
All the Affreschi & Affreschi designs are reproduced on fresh plaster sheets. It is, therefore, a special wallpaper, covered with a layer of plaster obtained with a mixture of 27 precious raw materials, among which we can find Carrara marble and Roman travertine.
The final product is a natural surface, to the touch and to the sight, able to evoke that of the ancient frescoes that were made to measure and finished with care in every detail so that the chosen design emerges in all its beauty.

The coupling with Linvisibile doors is the most natural course of action and the levels of camouflage that can be achieved are astonishing. An example of the achievement is the show room in Miami where a wall of almost 20 square meters has been covered with the product by Affreschi & Affreschi.
The ambience has changed its appearance, it is now rich in shapes, colours and personality. The wall houses a motorized Concealed Sliding door that, thanks to the textured wallpaper that has been applied with a millimetric precision, it’s completely hidden from view, and then reveal its wonderful self upon opening.

Inside the Moscow area, we searched for a design to express the oriental style in all its features.
After much exploration and inspiration-seeking, we landed on an oriental style that perfectly embodied the essence of Moscow. Rich, deep colors were used to create an atmosphere of drama and intensity, while soft, flowing shapes added a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The end result was a stunning space that felt both exotic and familiar, with a unique blend of traditional and modern design elements. 

An almost ethereal presence distinguishes instead the Affreschi & Affreschi wallpaper chosen for the Los Angeles area, with a black and white foliage pattern that dresses the space with refinement and sobriety.

The strength of this partnership lies precisely in the exaltation of the planarity that comes from the combination of the materiality of the cladding with the flush doors.

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19 September 2023
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15 November 2023 - ora: 11:14

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