The new general catalogue kicks off 2023 for LINVISIBILE

LINVISIBILE’s New Year begins with something unique, its new general catalogue. The catalogue translates into a long and compelling journey to the discovery of the brand, its history, new value system and all the product solutions available.

The catalogue comprises 3 distinct sections. The first section traces back the evolution of the brand over time and space, as well as the affirmation of a unique and highly characterising design, which has its roots in dialogue with professionals and in the constant search for highly customised technological and aesthetic solutions.

The central section is a narration by images of the timeless beauty of the products and projects that Linvisibile completed all over the world, as well as a detailed description concerning the interpretation of the flush-to-wall system, its operation, the finishing materials and the last frontier of furnishing accessories. It is an extraordinary journey that shows the versatility of the products and the elegance and refinement of the customisations applicable to the existing product families: Brezza with its pivoting products, Marea with its sliding operation systems, Alba with its products with hinges, and Orizzonte, with its seamless wall-to-door cladding solutions, as well as the room compartmentalisation solutions and brand new furnishing elements.

The last part of the Catalogue is a technical atlas that informs readers on the peculiarities of each product, and on innovations related to accessories, finishes and services offered.

The catalogue represents a journey made of wonder and charm, the result of the Company’s three-decade experience, and is intended for architects, interior designers, artists, aesthetes and all those who can see beauty in the things around us and set free their creative flair every day.


Posted on
12 January 2023

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