Linvisibile Milano, a new showroom opening in the heart of the city
Linvisibile opens its new showroom in Milan

Linvisibile presents its new permanent product exhibition in Milan at the SantaSofia27 concept store of the Gorlini company, specialized in the production and marketing of tailored window treatments.

Located in one of Milan’s most important design districts, the showroom hosts a wide range of Linvisibile brand products. From the more traditional sliding doors to space separation systems, accompanied by the latest glass creations and models designed for heavy coatings, such as marble, granite, and natural stone.

The result is an inspiring ambiance, which is not just a simple showcase, but a real design studio where Linvisibile’s world and its infinite application possibilities find a place. Testi Group® marbles, Laminam® ceramics, Fenix® laminates, Alcantara® fabrics and the leather by are just a few finishes we chose for our new Milan Showroom. We treated in detail the harmony of colours. Coatings, anodizing colours and accessories chase each other creating a refined effect, which enhances every product while illuminating the whole exhibition space.

Products displayed at Linvisibile Milano

  • Brezza double leaves Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot Door in Heavy Coatings version, with Dark Bronze anodized aluminum frame, coated in Testi Group marble on one side and natural slatted wood on the other, equipped with Valli & Valli handle and pivot hinge system System M by FritsJurgens®;
  • Brezza 4 leaves Zefiro System with Dark Bronze anodized aluminum frame, coated in Testi Group onyx;
  • Brezza 3 leaves Zefiro System with smoked oak veneered wood panel;
  • Brezza 4 leaves Zefiro System with Light Bronze anodized aluminum frame, made of transparent glass with mesh;
  • Alba Infinito 10 Hinged Door with Black anodized aluminum frame, coated on both sides in leather supplied by, equipped with different Valli & Valli handles on each side;
  • Alba Infinito 10 Hinged Door with Black anodized aluminum frame, coated in Fenix® laminate on one side and Alcantara on the other, equipped with different Valli & Valli handles on each side;
  • Brezza 4 leaves Zefiro System designed by Katerina Borovkova, with Black anodized aluminum frame, composed of a leather weave supplied by;
  • Alba Infinito Hinged Door with Light Bronze anodized aluminum frame, coated with RAL retro-lacquered glass on the flush with the wall side and bronze effect mirror on the other, equipped with Valli & Valli handle;
  • Alba Infinito Hinged Door designed by Fabio Fantolino, with Black anodized aluminum frame, composed of a lacquered panel and an insert in Canaletto walnut veneer like the intrados;
  • Marea Concealed Sliding Door, motorized version, coated in smoked oak veneered wood, equipped with recessed handle and remote-controlled opening system;
  • Marea Infinito Pocket Door with Dark Brown anodized aluminum frame, coated in Laminam ceramic with Boiserie system in continuity with the panel, equipped with recessed handle and Bonaiti handle on the edge;
  • Marea Linea Pocket Door with Light Bronze anodized aluminum frame, made of transparent glass with mesh, equipped with a recessed handle on a plate matching the frame color and Bonaiti handle on the edge;
  • Brezza Linea Vertical Pivot Door with Dark Bronze anodized aluminum frame, consisting of transparent smoked glass, equipped with Bonaiti lock and Valli & Valli handle on plate matching the frame;
  • Orizzonte Mirror System with Black anodized aluminum frame, equipped with a remotely controlled LED backlighting system;
  • Skirting system in anodized aluminum Light Bronze, Dark Bronze and Black matching the colors of the anodized material installed on the different walls, equipped with LED lighting system.

showroom linvisibile milano exhibition

Partners at Linvisibile Milano

Testi Group
Originally from San’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, the Testi Group is an internationally recognized excellence in the production and processing of natural stones. It is one of the main Italian producers that boasts advanced technology, accompanied by the artisanal and artistic dexterity of highly skilled workers.

Specialized in the production of large-size and minimum thickness ceramic slabs for architecture, interiors, design and furnishings; it is the first company to have industrialized the manufacturing process. Laminam was born in 2001 from an intuition of Eng. Franco Stefani, who conceived this innovative product by patenting its technology and imagining its applications.
Founded by Katerina Borovkova, specializes in high-end interior furnishings and accessories. By collaborating with this studio that specializes in leather production, Linvisibile can rely upon the most qualified producer of high-quality leather and hide.

Fenix® is the innovative material created by Arpa Industriale, which has unique characteristics. It is resistant to scratches, abrasion, acid-based solvents, household reagents and can regenerate itself from any scratches through heat.

Born of the idea of Japanese scientist Miyoshi Okamoto, Alcantara is a patented material that dates back to 1970. This material fabric comes to life from an impressive technological process that allows it to maintain its state-of-the-art characteristics and uniqueness over time. Alcantara is suitable for a variety of applications, from design to art and fashion.

Valli & Valli
The handle as a furnishing accessory that accompanies the doors with style and functionality is the inspiration that guides the long tradition of design and production of the Valli & Valli company. From contemporary to classic handles, each one is carefully designed to perfectly fit the style of any setting.

Thanks to the passion for research and innovation, Bonaiti has always been able to anticipate the most disparate market needs by responding with cutting-edge solutions. Since 1936, Bonaiti has been able to change the perception of the lock from a simple closing tool, to a security element and a modern furnishing accessory.

“The essential is invisible to the eye”, a mantra that inspired FritsJurgens® in the creation of solutions for pivoting doors completely integrated into the leaf. Their craftsmen are constantly working to make pivot systems of great quality by pursuing the timeless beauty of hidden perfection.

Where to find us

We invite you to visit our new exhibition space on Via Santa Sofia 27, to discover the entire range of new Linvisibile products. We are open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, by appointment to be made by email

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24 November 2021
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