Linvisibile Miami Showroom: Moscow – A balancing act of colors, where the forms of individual elements are combined with Baroque flavor

Let’s start a new journey in the discovering of our Miami showroom.
We introduce you to Moscow – A balancing act of colors, where the forms of individual elements are combined with Baroque flavor.

Baroque style is sumptuous, highly ornamental, and theatrical, with a flair for the dramatic and an undeniable sense of grandeur.
This extravagant style included layered, formal, highly decorated interiors and elements as bronze sculptures; intricate tapestries; sculpted mirrors, moldings, and wall paneling.

Linvisibile Tutano system and Infinito 10 hinged door

Titano system and Infinito 10 Hinged door

Baroque-style interior design is part of the larger Baroque visual arts movement that spanned architecture, art, furniture design and more, with interior design, architecture, and art working together to create a cohesive visual statement.

To best fit into the context of style, we chose to hide the Infinito 10 Hinged door along the Boiserie system, where a gold laminate finish with a geometric pattern is reproduced on the entire wall.
The door is perfectly integrated into the Boiserie system so that the pattern never stops.

Linvisibile Infinito 10 Hinged door

Infinito 10 Hinged door – Laminate finish

The abundant use of ornate patterns, including various curls and flowers, is an integral part of the Baroque interior. Patterns adorn walls, furniture, floor, ceiling, mirror frames, and dishes.

For the design of the opposite wall, we chose a wallpaper with the effect of silk-screen printing, combined with a mirror in a chic gilded frame with curls and monograms.

Linvisibile_Titano system

Infinito 10 Titano system – Laminate & Ceramic finish

What better way to convey this luxurious aristocratic style than to create a 5 leaves Infinito 10 Titano System?
Finished with gold laminate and black ceramic, it’s more than a simple partition system.

We don’t know what we like best, the huge Titano system at the entry or the general atmosphere of Moscow.

Have a look at Jakarta and Milan.

Stay tuned to discover more about the other areas, each defined by distinctive features, architectural languages and aesthetic forms.

Posted on
9 May 2023

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