Linvisibile installation service: the value and safety of a perfect installation
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Linvisibile represents the combination of aesthetics, technique, and ability to listen. We support architects and designers offering a series of professional services to help them find a functional yet elegant solution for any interior design project.

Linvisibile offers you highly qualified, start-to-finish installation services. We will leave to you only the pleasure and freedom to enjoy a unique and incomparable door.

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Our widespread and well organized network of specialized teams of installers is present worldwide; their experience and professionalism are at your service to guarantee that our products are aesthetically pleasing, functional and highly durable.

The installation service includes: preventive inspections for the correct measurement, detection and resolution of any possible on-site difficulties, planning, installation work carried out to perfection and a maintenance service over time.

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Installation is available for:
– Frame installation, which provides: verification of the most suitable on-site location flawless and solid installation of the aluminium frames into the wall to ensure the safety, functionality, and long life of the doors (square and perfectly aligned), the verification that the wall is properly trimmed and finished.

– Panel installation, which provides: verification that the finishing is correctly applied on the panels and the results are functional and aesthetically pleasing, verification that the panels and accessories
are perfectly installed and properly seated.

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Linvisibile guarantees your peace of mind.
You can rely on us for all your installation inquiries.

Posted on
23 March 2023
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10 October 2023 - ora: 14:48

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