Linvisibile launches its new anodized handle

Linvisibile introduce its new product, developed by the R&D Department. Elegant and sophisticated, Linvisibile’s handle represents a functional and aestethic solution that enriches and completes Linvisibile’s door proposal.
The handle has been created to be anodized to match the door profiles. In this way, all the visible metal parts of the products will have the same anodized color finish, and all the elements will be linked to each other. The colour becomes the fil-rouge of the furnishing elements.

Linvisibile anodized handle sabbia dell'adriatico

Linvisibile anodized handle espresso

A wide range of colours is available to customize any type of environment and accompany our days, create exclusive atmospheres and make our daily life special.
The handle is available also in latch bolt and cylinder versions. All the colours are available in fine-grained brushing.

Linvisibile anodized handle sabbia dell'adriatico

Discover more and download the brochure.

Posted on
14 June 2022
Last edit
25 July 2022 - ora: 11:22

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