Linvisibile Americas: the new mono-brand Linvisibile showroom opens in the heart of Miami, Florida.

Linvisibile is pleased to announce the opening of its first American showroom, in the exclusive Miami Design District.
The opening event will take place during the famous modern and contemporary art fair, Art Basel (1st-3rd December).

The LINVISIBILE management team decided that opening an exhibition space in Miami was not only a fundamentally important strategic choice, but also a key step in the highly international direction the group has now been developing in for the last few years.
With its understanding of luxury, design and art, Miami was essentially the only choice among the many possibilities.

The Miami Design District is an area full of dynamism and creativity, where boutiques from the most famous brands, gourmet restaurants, art galleries and high-impact architectural spaces harmoniously coexist.
The neighborhood came out of an idea from developer Craig Robins, who, after the success of his renovation that brought the notorious South Beach Art Deco Historic District back to life, managed to masterfully transform an abandoned district into what is now one of the most dynamic areas in the country.


The opening of this showroom will also launch the new exhibition concept created by Linvisibile, which reinvents all the aesthetic canons of the past, to offer visitors a real travel experience – in its own, groundbreaking way – of the places and styles of 4 geographical areas, each defined by distinctive features, architectural languages and aesthetic forms.

Each of the cities that gives its name to the four styles is in its own way a vessel, a symbol of history, art, culture and beauty at a global level: Los Angeles, Moscow, Milan and Jakarta.

Los Angeles
This area is characterized by an essential style where the undisputed protagonists are muted colors with cool tones. Elegance is found in the simplicity of strong, clean lines that leave no space for superfluous elements.

Splendor is the right word to express the style of this space. A balancing act of colors, where the forms of individual elements are combined with Baroque flavor, rich in details, inspirations and sensations. In this area, you can find dark-toned colors, along with predominant gold elements on both the vertical surfaces and the furnishings.

Moscow - Linvisibile Americas


Milan encapsulates elements that evoke industrial, modern style. There is strong use of cool tones and highly textured materials. The color palette is broken up by the bold furnishings and innovative forms, with contrasting colors that stand out and enhance the space.

A space inspired by Eastern style and zen culture. The distinctive features of Jakarta are encapsulated in harmonious visual impact, almost spiritual, created through the use of neutral colors, exclusively natural materials and furnishings with simple forms, positioned according to very specific rules.

Jakarta Linvisibile Showroom in Miami


The showroom offers the widest range of products that the brand has ever exhibited; the entire range of opening systems is present, with a multitude of materials, dimensions and accessories, as well as more recent products launched by Linvisibile, such as room dividers and furnishings.
You will find not only door systems, but also partitions, mirrors, tables, frames and plant pots among the new items in the Miami showroom.

The new space aims to become a point of reference in the interior design world, which is truly at the top of its game right in this very city.

A place for sharing, discussion, stimulus and inspiration, where architects, interior designers, artists and art lovers can free their creative flair.

A place where ideas can take shape and evolve into concrete projects.

The opening will take place on the 1st December, as part of the Art Basel fair (1st-3rd December).

Posted on
22 September 2022

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