Linvisibile launches the new Linea Glass Doors
New glass doors collection by Linvisibile

It is now born the new door collection by Linvisibile which pays tribute to one of the finest and noblest materials: glass. Linea is the new glass doors proposal that gives original features to the Pocket Door and Vertical Pivot Door systems. Both models are made of an 8mm (or stratified 4 + 4mm) thick tempered glass leaf enclosed within a 50mm thick anodized frame or in matt lacquering.

With Linea, the glass abandons its function as a top layer to be applied to the panel; it becomes a fundamental element of the door structure. The wide range of glass to be applied includes transparent glass, also with mesh inserts of great visual impact, retro-lacquered or acid-etched glass and mirror.

linea glass doors

Every finishing option gives different aesthetical and functional characteristics to the door. The retro-lacquered and acid-etched glass guarantee privacy, clear glass (both with mesh and without) is perfect to enlighten spaces, whereas mirrors added to interiors give the optical illusion of larger and more radiant spaces.

The high-quality glass sheet is the key factor of these new internal doors. They are made up of a glass that meets the highest standards defining resistance and safety in matter of furnishing glass.

sliding glass door linea

When the passage of daylighting is needed, doors with glass leaves are the ideal solution to create brighter interiors. Linea glass doors can separate and connect spaces at the same time, giving different light reflections at any time of the day.

The Linea Pocket Door and Linea Vertical Pivot Door product sections are now out. Check them out!

Posted on
20 December 2021
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9 March 2022 - ora: 14:31

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