Discovering the lifecycle of aluminium

Linvisibile systems are composed of two components, a panel/door and a structure made of an aluminium frame. This is what catches our attention as it represents the technological heart of the product. A structure subject to the strictest quality controls, capable of integrating perfectly with walls, whether masonry or plasterboard, ensuring extreme durability over time. Technological development has made it possible to create structures of considerable dimensions (up to 3500 mm in height), with two or more leaves, whether they are pivoting movements, on hinges or sliding.

Unlike the panels, the aluminium frame completes the entire process within the company and having permanent stock in our warehouses enables us to respond quickly to customer requests with very short and truly minimal delivery times, especially for standard products.

In fact, we know how important it is to have the aluminium frames in place in a timely manner as they enter the early stages of the project, that is, those of wall construction.

The essence of Linvisibile is therefore aluminium.

Whether it is hidden, walled into the wall, or visible, when it forms the perimeter of the products, the heart of the system lives in this material. Durable, solid, and reliable, aluminum goes through several stages of processing, all managed internally, before becoming your door and an integral part of your home.

Each product has one or more dedicated extrusions and the presence of company warehouses enables timely fulfillment of orders.

1. The life cycle of aluminium begins with the arrival in bars of 6 metres in length and the passing of rigorous dimensional and straightness checks.
2. The bars are then directed to the machining centres and processed with numerical control machines for the cutting and milling, realized with precision to the tenth of millimeter thanks to the competence and professionalism of specialized operators.
3. The waste material produced in the various steps shall enter a recycling circuit allowing its reuse.
4. The machined profiles are then assembled with precision techniques and instruments that ensure compliance with the strict dimensional tolerances that distinguish our products.

The aluminum frame has exclusive clinging properties that facilitate the application of cement mortars during installation, preventing the formation of unsightly cracks or detachments and making it perfectly integral to the walls.
The achieved quality allows us to guarantee our frames for 10 years.

Posted on
21 February 2023

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