Invisible doors

12 March 2016

Linvisibile is the exclusive patented system of invisible doors and technical closures totally fluh to wall.
Thanks to a refined technology Linvisibile system guarantee perfect continuity between door and wall. For a long time it was the invisible door that had to disappear into the wall, but Linvisibile has evolved from this project. Each internal door can be adapted to any desired size, height or width, and to any shape or finishes.
Linvisibile products may “camouflage” into the architectural surface, with any type of decoration, becoming invisible doors. The product makes the most of the tailor-made concept.

Linvisibile offers different families of invisible doors:

MAREA, which represents the fluid movement of a sliding door, opening completely and perfectly flush to the wall: Concealed Sliding door and Pocket door.

ALBA, the rising of the sun is translated into a simple gesture: the opening of a hinged door. A closing vertical horizon: FILO 10 Hinged doorHinged doorInfinito Hinged doorFire resistant Hinged doorCurved Hinged door.

BREZZA represents the spirit of pivoting doors. Closing systems that can be opened with just a puff of breath: FILO 10 Vertical Pivot door and Vertical Pivot door.







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