Invisible doors, why flush-to-wall models are better
Why you should choose Invisible doors for your interior design

Among a variety of different choices, why would you go with invisible doors when furnishing the interiors of your new project? What is the added value of this hot trend to your design space? Even a small detail of centimeters can create a big change in terms of sophistication and elegance. Don’t be hesitant to catch up on this rising swing. Here, we gathered four reasons why you should choose to decorate your interiors flush with the wall doors.

Invisible doors are the best choice for minimal interior designs

They can attract appearance and provide simplicity at the same time. In an environment with limited space and very minimal lines, a flush to the wall door can enable you to take advantage of any space and detail. And if a hinged door leaf interrupts the room’s flow or doesn’t fit in a limited space, there’s always another option: the Concealed Sliding Door which slides inside the wall and disappears. The pureness of the lines enhances the space, especially if embroidered with light colours.

invisible doors flush with the wall

Frameless doors can fit in the most demanding atmospheres

Have you had trouble finding doors for the curved walls? A flush-to-wall curved door, can fit in a curved wall and in perfect continuity, match the surroundings, blend into the background and become invisible. Furthermore, since you can customize the sizes, it can go up the level where the ceiling ends, and become flush with it.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” [Leonardo da Vinci]

Hidden doors are easier to use and keep clean

You don’t deal with outer frames and exposed hinges. So it’s not only easy on the eyes but on the functionality as well. In addition, most invisible doors propose the option of opening to whichever side you’d like, therefore highly useful for last-minute changes in interior planning!

hidden doors

Flush-to-wall doors are more stable

From a technical standpoint it creates another advantage because, from the way it is built, it can secure a good and clear joint without missing a spot in between the wall and the panel.

If you want to see what your options are, come and check out our gallery full of numerous possibilities here: At Linvisibile, we try to deliver the most sophisticated high-end products and services with flush-to-wall features, each customized according to our client’s requests.

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27 January 2022
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17 February 2022 - ora: 16:59

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