Glass Sliding Doors in Garden Decoration

28 July 2017

Who wouldn’t want the sense of being “inside of a garden” but also feel the cold breeze of the AC on their face in summer, or keeping themselves warm in-front of the fireplace in winter? Most of us love nature, the sound of birds, the fresh smell of the newly mown grass, the leaves slowly falling off the trees as seasons change… However let’s face it, we don’t really like the idea when we need to deal with mosquitos in a very humid summer night, or freeze ourselves in December just for the sake of drinking wine on the porch while watching it snow.

What we want is simple: to keep the heat inside during winter, and out during summer, without sacrificing from our refined design taste that characterizes the interior setting. Thankfully, we offer a solution: Glass Sliding Doors.

Here are 3 easy ways that you can leverage this sliding system in your garden decoration or terrace-house conjunctions.

1. With the help of glass sliding doors, you can create your own “Garden Room”

You have an un-used space in your garden that is more like a dead spot? Take advantage of it! Build an additional small cottage using glass sliding doors and use it as an entertaining room, guest-house or children’s playroom. It doesn’t only provide an additional living space, but also saves your energy from using the limited quantity of rooms in your house for the above-mentioned purposes.

2. Cover your terrace with an elegant design& create multiple benefits

If you have one, you’d probably want to spend more time on your beautiful terrace (possibly made of oak tree) but it’s either super cold in winter time, or sticky and extremely heated during summer. Surrounding it with something to keep in and out the air is an option, but you can’t use any equipment, it wouldn’t be fair to that quality material you’ve used in your terrace design. An elegant and sophisticated way to cover your stylish terrace is to use glass panels either completely on all sides or on the conjunction line of the house and the balcony. Whatever material you have chosen for your terrace design, you’ll realize that glass panels are matching anything.


3. Providing an extra entry into your house can decrease the traffic

Even if you don’t have a garden, having an easy access to your backyard that you use for keeping extra equipment will help you a lot in terms of providing smooth entrance and avoiding the accumulation of too many people in only one single main door. After creating this transparent opening in-between, it’s up to you for which purposes to leverage this additional backyard space; to keep the extra fridge, to do the bbq or maybe just simply to create a small doghouse for your pet friends.

If you’re feeling inspired, come and visit our website to see what options you have among the beautiful product line of Linvisibile sliding doors.


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