Skirting System: beauty and functionality in a flush-with-wall version
Skirting System: features and benefits of a flush with wall version

Practicality, elegance and simplicity. The flush-to-wall Skirting System is an essential element because it protects the lower part of the wall against knocks, abrasions and hides any irregularities or imperfections between the wall and floor.

Apart from the technical aspect, however, its role is also to harmonise the encounter between the floor and wall, sitting above them both as a decorative element capable of either altering the nature of rooms or else strengthening their style.

Once a merely protective technical component, the Skirting System has increasingly evolved to become a genuinely aesthetic element, connoting elegance in much the same way as structural fixtures and furniture.


invisible skirting system integrated in the wall

Thanks to this change in perception, but above all the widespread diffusion of a modern, essential, and clean-cut style, the flush-to-wall Skirting System is emerging in many projects in combination with other complanar wall elements, such as doors and windows.

But what are the benefits of a Skirting System incorporated into the wall? Space optimisation is no doubt the first aspect not to be underestimated. The reduced thickness compared to traditional skirting boards allows furniture to be placed directly against the wall, thus eliminating unsightly cracks or forms. The wall is not surmounted by any elements, the presence of the skirting board is indicated by a thin line set in the wall, offering elegance and personality to the space.

Thanks to the moisture-resistant anodised aluminium used to make it, a flush-to-wall skirting board is also perfect for decorating any space, even bathrooms or other rooms with typically high humidity levels.

flush with wall skirting system made of aluminium

But its functionality is only one of the many benefits characterising this type of skirting board. Its elegance and simplicity offer it a decorative quality to be exploited in contemporary, minimalist and modern environments. Its hidden technology also opens to the possibility of applying a LED lighting system that runs along the entire length of the wall.

The Linvisibile offer consists of a base system to be anchored in the wall recess, prepared during construction of the wall itself, onto which a specific profile is coupled by means of a push-on mechanism, either in anodized aluminium or matt lacquered, developed by Linvisibile. The system also allows the application of traditional finishes such as wood, ceramic, glass, natural stone and many more still.

If you need more details, visit the section of the website dedicated to the Skirting System by Linvisibile. Click here to start browsing.

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8 November 2021
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9 March 2022 - ora: 14:20

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