New exhibition space opening in Apulia

The new exhibition space at Ellegidue in Apulia is a must-see for design and furniture enthusiasts.

Located in the beautiful Apulian town of Bitonto, known for its olive trees, stunning landscapes, and rich architectural heritage, Ellegidue is one of the most prominent and well-respected design and furniture companies. The company has a 30-year history of innovation and excellence, and prides itself on representing only the best brands in the industry in its showroom, which boasts an enormous exhibition space of over 2500 square meters.

One of Ellegidue’s recent additions to its showroom is a range of flush-with-the-wall doors and customized solutions by Linvisibile. The exhibition area dedicated to the brand is a refined and sophisticated space, featuring a stunning combination of materials, textures, and anodization that seamlessly blends technology and aesthetics.

Linea Modular Sliding System and Infinito 10 Pivot door

Among the elements showcased in the showroom there’s a Linea Modular Sliding System featuring four leaves (two fixed and two mobile) made of clear glass adorned with metal strips in a geometric design. On the same wall stands an Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot door decorated with different finishes on the facades: a ceramic finish adorns the showroom-facing facade, while wood veneer covers the other side, blending seamlessly with the wall.

Ellegidue’s stylistic choice has been to combine matching shades in bronze and beige, and to use significant materials such as ceramic, glass, and wood that alternate on the wall and on the doors. The Boiserie System is a highlight and is developed on practically every wall, giving an extraordinary mimetic effect and underlining the perfect planarity with respect to the doors.

Boiserie & Maestrale Systems

The showroom also features new additions such as the Maestrale System, a room divider that combines glass with mesh and ceramic, and the latest furniture solutions from the Linvisibile range. These include a dining table with a ceramic top and a base structure made in clear glass with mesh, and a mirror with a matching anodized profile.

Each element is interconnected and reminiscent of another, resulting in a cohesive and structured furnishing idea. Customers are given the freedom to showcase the uniqueness of each product or combine them together for a complete and harmonious look.

Have a look at the new showroom in the gallery below:

Posted on
21 November 2023

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