Domotex Fair in Hannover: A Hub for Global Flooring Innovations

In the heart of Germany, the city of Hannover becomes the focal point for international flooring professionals as they gather for the Domotex fair. This event, renowned worldwide, serves as a platform for exhibitors to display cutting-edge designs, sustainable materials, and the latest advancements in flooring technology.

Domotex: a Global Stage for Flooring Excellence

Domotex Hannover offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers, retailers, designers, and architects to connect and explore a wide range of products. From luxurious carpets to resilient and eco-friendly flooring options, the fair presents an extensive variety of choices catering to diverse tastes and requirements.

Each year, the fair sets a specific theme that guides the innovations and presentations. These themes often reflect the current trends in interior design, focusing on sustainability, digitalization, and personalized solutions. Exhibitors take this opportunity to unveil new collections, experiment with materials, and showcase their creativity and craftsmanship.

For the 2024 edition, the fair focused for the first time on the story of a country: Italy. Thus, the Insight Italy pavilion, shows Italy’s contribution to the development of interior design, providing a vision of trends and innovations.

Divina at Domotex: a tribute to Italy and all its beauty

DIVINA is an exhibition space designed to celebrate Italian creativity, genius, and know-how. Entering the exhibition, visual storytelling introduces the scenic beauty of Italy, from North to South. First, a ledwall tells about Italian places and landscapes in 90 seconds of strong inspiration. We’ve been featured in the stand among other exceptional brands testifying to the progress of Italian creativity towards a sustainability that keeps beauty erect and opens up to a viable future.

When walking through the entrance to the exhibition, you walk on a section of the dome of the Pantheon, the best preserved architectural masterpiece of ancient Rome in the world. The DIVINA exhibition was designed and curated by Camilla Bellini, borrowing the adjective that characterizes Dante’s masterpiece and underlining the importance of the power of sustainability.

Divina stand at DOMOTEX Hannover

DIVINA exhibition: Hall 23, Stand C86.

Beyond the exhibition, Domotex Hannover is a hub for networking and knowledge exchange. The fair hosts a series of lectures, panel discussions, and workshops led by industry experts. These sessions provide insights into market trends, business strategies, and technological innovations.

Domotex Hannover continues to be a pivotal event for the flooring industry, driving innovation, fostering connections, and setting trends. As the industry evolves, the fair adapts, ensuring it remains at the forefront of showcasing the best in global flooring solutions.

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11 January 2024

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