Design doors, a fundamental of today’s interior design
How doors have changed their today’s interior design perception

The traditional concept of doors has started abandoning its’ function as a standard tool, which is basically guarding and connecting environments. Today, it’s more than just a supply. Today, design doors are statements of art, protagonists of large environments, effective touches in a carefully planned design.

Design doors can come in different forms, shapes, and materials; which is a unique function for they can adapt to any specific interior style. Let’s take this double leaves pivot door, coated in a metal copper finish. As the door dominantly gathers attention, the balance is maintained by choosing neutral and nude colours for the remaining design pieces.

design doors metal

The door becomes a canvas onto which the artist expresses an idea. Such an example is this vertical pivoting door coated with a special bronze-like finish designed by the artist Mattia Biagi, which allows the artist to signify his statement of art.

Wall paints are slowly replaced by more previous wall coverings or noble materials, and design doors are the best partner to accompany this trend. Imagine when the wall and the door panel are covered in the same material. In this case of marble stone boiserie applied over our pivot door, for sure it is more than just a door, right?

design doors mattia biagi

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27 January 2022
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17 February 2022 - ora: 17:00

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